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Automated platform improves HR/IT productivity.
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Deskflow is an employee experience platform powered by conversational AI designed for mid-size organizations. The platform's AI assistant, Alfred, is trained on the company's internal knowledge base and integrates with HRIS and ITSM to handle repetitive tasks 10 times faster, improving productivity and saving time for HR and IT teams.

Deskflow's Alfred AI provides human-like automated responses to over 100K common queries and requests from agents or employees, reducing response times and increasing efficiency.

Moreover, Deskflow's Alfred AI automates HR and IT support, frees up the help desk, and supports the team. Deskflow aims to reduce employee churn by providing the employees with the best experiences in terms of effortless communication and speedy access to crucial information.

With Deskflow, the company can save up to 90% of the time spent on employee communication, reduce the time required to address employee issues by 50%, and decrease the amount of time it takes for employees to access critical information by 90%.

Deskflow's Alfred AI auto-creates and assigns tickets; these tickets are then auto-assigned to the best agent based on the content of the ticket. Deskflow offers integrations across multiple platforms, providing an assistant that not only has access to the entire knowledge base but also takes action.

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Pros and Cons


Improves HR/IT productivity
Handles repetitive tasks faster
Reduces response times
Increases efficiency
Automates HR and IT support
Frees up help desk
Reduces employee churn
Effortless communication
Speedy access to information
Saves time on employee communication
Reduces time to address issues
Decreases information access time
Auto-creates and assigns tickets
Integrates across multiple platforms
Provides human-like responses
Trained on internal knowledge base
Designed for mid-size organizations
Supports team
Automatically assigns best agent


Limited to mid-sized organizations
Dependent on internal knowledge base
May not support all HRIS/ITSM
Requires integration setup
Possibly difficult custom training
Automated responses might be impersonal
Ticketing system could cause overlaps
No mention of privacy measures
100k queries limit
No mention of multiple languages support


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How does Deskflow save time in employee communication?
What is the impact of Deskflow on employee issues resolution?
What sort of integrations does Deskflow provide?
How does Alfred assist in accessing the internal knowledge base?
What kind of responses does Deskflow's Alfred AI provide?
How does Alfred auto-assign tickets in Deskflow?
How does Deskflow help in HR and IT support?
Can Deskflow improve customer experiences?
What kind of tasks can Alfred carry out?
What does Deskflow mean by human-level communication?
How does Deskflow use AI to improve employee productivity?
Can I see a demo of how Deskflow works?
What platforms are compatible with Deskflow?
How does Deskflow contribute to cost savings?


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