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Enhance browsing with relevant results using AI-powered Chrome Extension.
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DeskSense is an AI-powered personal assistant tool able to assist in a variety of tasks across multiple platforms. It has a Chrome extension that enhances browsing by providing relevant results from selected text across any webpage.

The application has features that allow users to regenerate and summarize work, making it simpler and easier to understand. Besides, users can save, edit, and annotate their work with tags and notes for ease of access later on.

It also includes sharing functionality for collaboration or content distribution. All collected information can be saved to the cloud storage for later use.

DeskSense has proven to be adept at content creation, functioning as an effective text summarizer, making it beneficial for research, blog content creation, and more.

The AI-powered tool also integrates with the Chat GPT4, providing an interactive chat capability. One notable feature of DeskSense is its ability to assist in creating complex Excel formulas in response to user prompts, helping to streamline operational needs.

Additionally, the tool analyzes email messages to suggest optimal responses, enhancing professional communication. All these features have made the tool a multi-functional resource highly recommended by its user base.


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Desksense was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Real-time insights
Regeneration of text
Text summarization
Assists with Excel formulas
Generates code snippets
Creates tags and notes
Cloud storage
Content sharing
Chat GPT4 integration
Effective content creation
Email optimization
Supports content ideation
Powerful browsing tool
Allows conversation on various subjects
Effective for social media posts
Automatically organizes content
Complex algorithm support
User-friendly interface
Data-driven insights
Personalization capabilities
Provides suggestions on any topic
Fast content generation
Dark and light mode
Presets templates for regeneration and summarization
Supports email auto-complete
Quickly analyzes selected text
Interactive chat capabilities
Handles a wide range of input queries
Web app with similar features to Chrome extension
Customizable and easy searching option
Provides advanced organization tools like filters
Keep all user's content together
Works as personal coding assistant
Word count feature
Add output languages
Generates script and suggests topics
Tagging feature for content
Analyze and responds to emails
Regenerates, summarizes, saves answers
Conjures up social media posts
Compatible with multiple platforms
Adds favorite tags, copies to clipboard
Mobile app version available
Ability to add prompts
Fast and efficient response time
Built-in chat for direct conversation
Strong user recommendations


Doesn't support multiple languages
Inflexible extension window
No possibility to move extension window
Lacks output to other apps via API
No export content to other apps via webhooks
Cannot add background color to cards
No folders to organize content
Cannot add team members
No native app for Windows or MacOS
No updates since purchase

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