Summaries 21 Dec 2022
Summarizing video, audio, and text.

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Detangle is an AI-based summarization tool that enables users to quickly and accurately summarize any video, audio, or text. It is designed to save users time by allowing them to focus on what matters most.

To use the tool, users must sign up either with Apple or Google, and waitlist for new users is currently in place. Detangle also provides a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for users to review before signing up.

Detangle’s AI-based summarization technology helps users quickly identify key information from any video, audio, or text in a fraction of the time it would take to do manually.

Furthermore, Detangle also offers email support for users who have questions or suggestions about the tool.

DetangleAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Summarizes videos
Summarizes audio
Summarizes text
Saves user time
Waitlist for new users
Sign up with Google
Sign up with Apple
Email support available
Provides terms of service
Provides privacy policy
Identifies key information quickly
Helps focus on essentials


Must sign up to use
Waitlist for new users
Only Apple or Google signup
No offline option
No API mentioned
Unclear service pricing
May violate user privacy


What is DetangleAI?
How does DetangleAI work?
How can I sign up for DetangleAI?
Can DetangleAI summarize any type of text, audio, or video?
Are there any limitations to the content DetangleAI can summarize?
Why is there a waitlist for new users on DetangleAI?
How can DetangleAI save me time?
Is there a privacy policy for DetangleAI?
Where can I review the terms of service for DetangleAI?
Can I sign up for DetangleAI with my Apple or Google account?
Where do I send questions or suggestions about DetangleAI?
What is the technology behind DetangleAI’s summarization?
How accurate is DetangleAI's summarization?
How do I get early access to DetangleAI?
Why should I use DetangleAI over manual summarization?
Where can I follow DetangleAI updates?
Can DetangleAI summarize content in different languages?
Is my data safe with DetangleAI?
How quickly does DetangleAI summarize the content?
Does DetangleAI offer customer support?

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