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The next generation AI search engine for developers.
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Devv is an innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered search engine designed specifically for developers. Its primary goal is to considerably enhance development efficiency, saving both time and effort.

The tool employs intelligent code search capabilities that aim to provide solutions to programming problems swiftly and effectively. The platform is community-driven and facilitates an environment where developers can resolve their coding challenges leveraging the collective knowledge of the community.

The key features include insightful search results in diverse programming contexts, facilitating the exploration of topics ranging from common syntax queries and framework usage, to intricate problem-solving scenarios.

Topics covered include, but are not limited to, flex-wrap properties, enabling scss in next.js, GUI frameworks for Go language, MySQL, js langchain SDK guide, and python yield functionalities.

With its innovative search capabilities, Devv continues to be a valuable tool amongst developers seeking enhanced, rapid, and more effective search solutions to their coding problems.


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Jan 18, 2024
Far beyond my expectation. Thanks for bribg us such a great work.
Jan 18, 2024
Devv is great, I often use it to solve coding problems. It would be even better if standard search formats could be added. Thank you to the developers. like this:
Jan 23, 2024
you can try this:
Jan 18, 2024
Looks just like perplexity... works fine for code related queries
Jan 22, 2024
We shall see which one will try to lock down features to steal gullible idiot money first. That one will be the one left behind, when we all switch to the better free option.

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Devv was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 18th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Enhances development efficiency
Intelligent code search
Community-driven platform
Insightful search results
Diverse programming contexts
Facilitates syntax queries
Guides framework usage
Swift problem-solving
Covers diverse topics
Handles complex scenarios
Supports multiple languages
Direct link to solutions
Interactive user interface
Time-saving functionality
Effective search solutions
Improves programming challenges
Collective knowledge sharing
Explores common to intricate topics
Supports GUI frameworks query
MySQL related search
Python yield functionalities
Innovative search capabilities
js langchain SDK guide
Boosts developer productivity
next.js related search
Handles flex-wrap properties queries
Rapid search returns
Personalized search results


Single language support
Limited programming topics
No personalized search
Dependent on community input
No offline availability
Lacks integrations with IDEs
Lacks mobile application
No dedicated support
Standard search features
No user collaboration tools


What is Devv?
How does Devv improve development efficiency?
What is an AI powered search engine?
How does Devv's code search function work?
How does Devv's community-driven platform help developers?
What are some examples of programming solutions that Devv can provide?
Can Devv assist with various programming contexts?
How does Devv support syntax queries?
How does Devv integrate with programming frameworks?
Can Devv help with more complex problem-solving scenarios?
Does Devv cover topics like flex-wrap properties?
How does Devv aid in enabling scss in next.js?
Does Devv provide information on GUI frameworks for Go language?
Can Devv assist with MySQL?
Where can I find js langchain SDK guide on Devv?
Does Devv explain python yield functionalities?
What is unique about Devv's search capabilities?
Does Devv provide rapid search solutions for coding problems?
What is Devv's history and feedback channel?
How to sign in to Devv?

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