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DiagramGPT is an AI tool developed by Eraser that enables users to generate technical diagrams using code or plain language prompts. The tool employs OpenAI's GPT-4 to classify user input and generate diagrams in a diagram-as-code format.

Currently, DiagramGPT supports three types of diagrams, namely entity relationship diagrams, cloud architecture diagrams, and sequence diagrams, with flowcharts coming soon.

Users can edit the diagrams generated by DiagramGPT in Eraser, a whiteboard tool designed for engineering teams. The diagrams can be edited using Eraser's diagram-as-code syntax.

DiagramGPT can be used in various scenarios, including architecture diagrams, whiteboard interviews, documentation, wireframing, and brainstorming. Eraser provides a gallery of resources, templates, and integrations, as well as documentation and design resources at designDocs.dev.

Additionally, users can provide feedback to the Eraser team about the tool and suggest improvements or new features through various channels such as email, Twitter, or Slack community.

Overall, DiagramGPT offers a simple and effective means of generating technical diagrams, especially for engineering teams, while Eraser provides a comprehensive suite of tools and services to support diagramming, documentation, and collaboration.


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Jan 7, 2024
nice! does exatly what i wanted it to do, takes text, makes a nice looking diagram.
Nov 17, 2023
Superb! This is awesome for simple workflows. Quality of workflows depend on the quality of the prompt. Awesome tool for a non-BA that knows what he/she/they want and can explain it in words!

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Pros and Cons


Generates technical diagrams
Supports diagram-as-code format
Multiple diagram types
Integrated with Eraser
Useful for whiteboard interviews
Useful for documentation
Useful for wireframing
Useful for brainstorming
Gallery of resources
Pre-designed templates
Multiple integrations
Comprehensive documentation
GPT-4 architecture
User feedback channels
Upcoming flowchart support
Editable diagrams
Can classify input
Supports plains language prompts
Supports architectural diagrams
Designed for engineering teams
Compatible with DesignDocs.dev
Sequence diagram support
Cloud architecture diagram support
Entity relationship diagram support


Limited diagram types
Depends on another tool
Requires learning new syntax
No offline mode
Limited integration options
No mentioned multi-language support
Not all features released
Limited customization options
Feedback channels may be time-consuming
Unknown response times


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Is there any feature of DiagramGPT that allows collaboration with other users?
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How is DiagramGPT powered by Eraser?
What resources and integrations does Eraser provide for DiagramGPT users?
What kind of support is offered to users of DiagramGPT?
What benefits can engineering teams get from using DiagramGPT?
How does DiagramGPT contribute to documentation and wireframing?

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