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Connect teams, build ROI, and support customers with one AI-powered app.
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Dialpad is an AI-powered tool designed to streamline communication and customer engagement practices across various industries. The platform offers several AI functionalities, including a contact center, sales center, and various collaboration tools.

These features aim to connect teams, support customers, and add value to an organization. Dialpad's AI contact center aims to simplify coaching, track adherence to best practices, and automatically monitor customer satisfaction.

The AI sales center feature is designed to speed up onboarding, provide timely answers to customer questions, and boost efficiency in deal closures. Dialpad also offers collaboration enhancements like AI voice, messaging, and free video conferencing that serve to unite teams, automate routine tasks, and ensure customers are connected to the appropriate party.

The platform is equipped with an AI-powered Customer Intelligence Platform, providing insights that can inform key business decisions. Furthermore, Dialpad also harnesses the power of AI to offer quick summaries and recommendations after each meeting, a feature known as 'AI recaps'.

The inclusion of AI Playbooks and AI Coaching Hub aims to assist in the quick onboarding of new team members and tracking performance metrics respectively.

The platform integrates with multiple popular platforms like Google and Microsoft Teams, adapting seamlessly into existing workflows.

Dialpad was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 31st 2023.
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    Pros and Cons


    Multichannel communication
    Customer engagement products
    Business communication products
    Real-time transcription
    Sentiment analysis
    Live coaching
    Predictive CSAT
    Summary generation
    Recommendation generation
    Integrates with Google and Microsoft Teams
    Free video conferencing
    Inbound and outbound sales
    Omnichannel customer engagement
    CSAT across 100% of interactions
    Automated monitoring of customer satisfaction
    Resources Library for user help
    Solutions for small to large businesses
    Flexible pricing options
    Resources library
    Help center
    Chat & SMS Messaging
    App marketplace
    Advanced integration APIs
    Supports numerous industries
    Onboarding speed improvement
    Efficiency in deal closures
    Automate routine tasks
    Automate coaching
    Track adherence to best practices
    Perform valuable business insights
    Supports multiple languages
    Demo availability
    Automate tasks
    Generate insights
    Offer virtual assistance
    Track performance metrics
    Automate customer service
    QA on every interaction
    Call, message & meet in one app
    Trusted by reputable businesses
    Over 70 integrations
    Instant call summaries
    Recommendations for action items


    No automatic language translation
    Limited CSAT prediction capabilities
    No built-in database for customer metrics
    Dependence on third-party platform integrations
    No detailed sentiment analysis
    May be frustrating for non-tech users
    API may have limited compatibility


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