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Displayr AI provides capabilities for efficient, streamlined data analysis and reporting. One of its key features is the ability to transform confusing, lengthy variable names into clear, concise, and meaningful labels.

This not only simplifies the dataset but also hastens the understanding process. Consequently, the entire analysis workflow is made more efficient and insights are gained quickly.

Additionally, manual tweaks to the labels can also be easily done for the user's convenience. The tool also boasts sophisticated text analysis capacity.

Displayr AI's text categorization feature promptly sorts open-ended and textual responses into clear and meaningful groups. It generates category names based on the concepts and intentions in the text, thus simplifying the process of deciphering the story in your text data.

There's also the option to set your own category limits, allowing you to tailor the categorization to suit your specific needs. These AI features only need to be opted in by one user and then become accessible to all users in the company.

The cost of using Displayr AI is included in the annual Displayr subscription. The next step requires signing up for a trial.


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May 28, 2024
Displayr has become an essential tool for survey data analysis. By leveraging advanced AI integration, the platform offers a user-friendly, low-code solution for analyzing survey data. Users can efficiently create presentations while working on data analysis within the same interface, eliminating the hassle of transferring numbers from Excel to PowerPoint.
May 25, 2024
Days of work categorizing text was done in a few minutes using their AI text categorization tool. Amazing functionality and dashboarding that allowed me to turn the categories into beautiful charts with one click. Amazing tool!

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Pros and Cons


Efficient data analysis
Streamlined reporting
Transforms complex variables
Quick insights
Label modification capability
Sophisticated text analysis
Built-in text categorization
Group formation via categorization
Responsive category naming
Storytelling from text data
Customizable category limit
Multi-user accessibility
Trial availability
Collaborative tool
Meaningful data interpretation
Integrated data visualization
Automatic label cleanup
Efficient analysis workflow
Text response sorting


Subscription-based pricing
Manual tweak necessity
Limited label control
Opt-in required for features
Trial sign-up necessary
Dependent on specific user settings
Lacks broad tool integration
Label clarity may vary
Limited text categorization customization


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