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Automated meetings with agendas, notes, and recaps.
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Dive is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool designed to enhance meetings by automating different processes concerning meeting preparation, notes taking, and follow-up tasks.

With Dive, users can click a button, and the AI does the rest by automatically building a meeting agenda, taking detailed meeting minutes, and sending it to the relevant people.

The tool is suitable for creating meeting minutes, recaps, and agendas. Additionally, Dive provides several use cases to suit different meeting scenarios, including team leads, marketing teams, 1-on-1 meetings, town halls, and all-hand meetings.

The AI tool offers different features like AI-powered agenda building, meeting recording, transcription, meeting summaries, and action item tracking. Dive integrates with several applications like Google Meet, Zoom, Slack, Google Calendar, and Google Docs, making it user-friendly across multiple workflows.

In terms of security, Dive is SOC2, ISO, and HIPPA certified, committed to GDPR compliance, and regularly performs penetration testing. The AI tool can be accessed for free, and users can upgrade to a Pro plan at a discounted rate.

Dive is suitable for people seeking to optimize their meetings and reduce the workload related to meetings. Users can customize the tool's settings to suit their preferences, and the tool utilizes AI-generated summaries and action items to enhance meeting efficiency.


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Dive was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 11th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated meeting preparation
Automated note taking
Automated agenda building
Transcribes meeting recordings
Generates meeting summaries
Tracks action items
Integration with Google Meet
Integration with Zoom
Integration with Slack
Integration with Google Calendar
Integration with Google Docs
Settings customization
Applicable to varied meeting scenarios
Free access available
SOC2 certified
ISO certified
HIPPA certified
Complies with GDPR
Regular penetration testing
Discounted Pro plan
Enhances meeting efficiency
Optimizes and reduces meeting workload


Lacks integration with Outlook
Potential GDPR compliance issues
No integration with Apple Calendars
Limited to Google Docs for note taking
Cannot use without internet
Dependent on meeting recording
No integration with Microsoft Teams
Doesn't offer on-premise solution
No native mobile application
No built-in video conferencing


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Does Dive provide action item tracking?
Can Dive create meeting recaps?
Will Dive work with my Google Calendar?
Does Dive offer transcription services for meetings?
How does Dive help me with my meeting notes?
How secure is my data with Dive?
What kind of meeting scenarios does Dive cover?
Does Dive offer a Pro plan?
Can Dive automate the meeting follow-up tasks?
Does Dive support automated meeting preparation?

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