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Uncover user research insights without the tedious busywork.
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Divinate is a tool designed to help product teams swiftly convert user research into actionable insights. Aimed at fast-paced teams who engage with their customers, it simplifies the process of user research by eliminating manual chores such as transcriptions and complex data tagging.

Highlights from research automatically surface in research summary documents, streamlining the process of analysis and team communication.Divinate enables the storage, tagging, and transcription of feedback sessions, providing instantaneous access to significant insights all in one tool.

This ensures that noteworthy findings are effectively shared, focusing on the moments that truly matter for product development and customer understanding.

The platform further enables the crafting of narratives around user research and the sharing of research, highlights, and summaries. This makes it easier to present compelling, evidence-backed insights that can influence stakeholders and guide product decisions.Moreover, the tool autonomously analyzes and generates smart insights based on created highlights and recorded research sessions, which effectively solves the issue of starting analysis from scratch.

By providing these capabilities, Divinate assists in the creation of innovative, customer-centred products.


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Divinate was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 27th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Streamlines user research process
Automatic transcription of feedback
Instantaneous access to insights
Storage of feedback sessions
Tagging of feedback sessions
Highlights auto-surface in summaries
Fosters team communication
Facilitates narratives around research
Sharable research, highlights, summaries
Generates smart insights autonomously
Solves the blank page issue
Feedback-based product development
Targets fast-paced teams
Replaces manual transcription efforts
Eases complex data tagging
Focus on significant findings
Crafts evidence-backed insights
Influences stakeholders' decisions
Supports customer-centered products
Addresses manual chores in research
Facilitates sharing of noteworthy findings
Insight generation from recorded sessions
Promotes innovative product creation
Simplifies user feedback analysis


Potentially biased autonomous analysis
Suboptimal for large-scale data
Lacks third-party integration options
Depends on quality of highlights
No native mobile application
Limited customization of interfaces
No offline viewing option
No multi-language transcription services


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How does Divinate simplify the user research process?
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