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Efficient chatbot for multi-document convos.
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Chat tool with an AI bot as one of the participants - answers questions about PDFs and Word Docs.

Some features:
- Group Chats
- AI Bot present and can answer questions when prompted
- Multiple Document support (ask questions about many documents at at a time)
- Free membership

Full Description:
The Chat tool is an AI tool that allows users to engage in multiple document conversations simultaneously. With a simple and intuitive interface, users can access a variety of payment options, including Visa, MasterCard, Union Pay, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club, Maestro, Elo, Hiper, Hipercard, PayPal, and more.The tool offers two membership options: Lite and Pro. The Lite membership is priced at $9 per month and includes a 32MB PDF limit, unlimited PDFs, and 100 questions per day. On the other hand, the Pro membership, priced at $19 per month, enhances the capabilities with a larger 50MB PDF limit, unlimited PDFs, 500 questions per day, and a supercharged AI model.With the ability to handle multiple document conversations at once, users are empowered to efficiently manage their interactions. Additionally, the tool offers seamless integration with Google Accounts, enabling users to log in easily and access all the features provided.An array of features and functionalities are available throughout the tool to enhance user experience and streamline workflows. These include the option to upload documents, view past chats, access help resources, upgrade membership, and contact support when needed. There is also the option to stop document generation if desired.Overall, the Chat tool provides a convenient and user-friendly platform for engaging in multi-document conversations, making it a valuable asset for individuals and businesses alike.
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User Profile PictureJack He
ยท Aug 12, 2023
I love it, especially the ability to summarise and compare many documents at a time

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Pros and Cons


Multiple document support
Multiple payment options
Available Google integration
Seamless User interface
Help and Support availability
Lite and Pro memberships
Affordable pricing
Uploads and chat view
Document generation control
Unlimited PDFs
Daily question limits
Log in with Google
Easy contact access
Variety of card acceptance
PayPal and credit support
Streamlined workflows
Group Chats feature
Accessible help resources
Convenient and user-friendly
Can stop document generation
Handles multiple convos simultaneously


32MB PDF Limit (Lite)
100 questions/day limit (Lite)
50MB PDF Limit (Pro)
500 questions/day limit (Pro)
Requires payment for upgraded features
No offline functionality
No integrated document editor
Dependent on Google Account
No free-model feature parity


What exactly is the Dockie Document Q&A tool?
How does the AI chatbot in Dockie function with multiple documents?
Do I have to pay for Dockie?
What are the Dockie membership options?
What is the difference between Dockie's Lite and Pro memberships?
How many questions can I ask Dockie per day on a Lite membership?
What is the 'supercharged AI model' included in Dockie's Pro membership?
What payment options does Dockie accept?
Can Dockie integrate with my Google account?
How does Dockie handle multiple document conversations?
Is there a way for me to stop document generation on Dockie?
Is there a size limit to the PDFs I can use with Dockie?
How can I upgrade my Dockie membership?
Are there help resources available within Dockie?
How can I contact Dockie's support team?
What functionalities are included in Dockie to make it user-friendly?
Can Dockie store my payment details for future use?
Is Dockie beneficial for business use?
Will my past chats be stored on Dockie?
Can Dockie support multiple document types or only PDFs?


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