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Creating and editing content in Google Docs.
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Docs™GPT by Applai is an AI tool that helps you create and edit content inside of Google Docs™. It offers a range of features that allow you to generate new content from scratch, modify existing text, change the tone of a text, translate to other languages, and more.

The tool also offers proofreading, shortening, and expanding of text, making it a great choice for any content creator. It is free to install and use, with additional features available.

It has been developed by the team at Applai, and is easy to use and highly effective. It is also highly secure, with permission requests for access to your Google account clearly outlined.

Docs™GPT by Applai is a great tool for creating and editing content in Google Docs™, and is highly recommended.


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Pros and Cons


Google Docs integration
Content generating feature
Modify existing text
Tone adjustment feature
Translation support
Proofreading capabilities
Text shortening
Text expansion
Free to Install
Intuitive design
Clear permission requests
Secure access management
One-click operation
Text to bullet list change
Personalized experience
Updated regularly
Easily accessible support
Informative product overview
Free trial available
Transparent privacy policy
Customizable language settings
Supports user reviews


Only for Google Docs
Doesn't allow offline work
Translation quality unverified
Limited tone modification options
Text expansion quality unclear
Only available in English
Monopolistic Google ecosystem


What is Docs GPT by Applai?
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Can I shorten or expand my text with Docs GPT?
Is Docs GPT free to use?
Who developed Docs GPT?
Is Docs GPT safe for me to use?
Do I need to give Docs GPT access to my Google account?
What type of access does Docs GPT need within my Google account?
What language can Docs GPT translate to?
How does Docs GPT work inside of Google Docs?
Can Docs GPT in Google Docs help me write better?
Can Docs GPT generate text based on my selected text in the document?
Can I change the tone of my text with Docs GPT?
Can I generate new content from scratch using Docs GPT?
How does Docs GPT proofread my text?
What information will Docs GPT be able to see from my Google account?
Where can I install Docs GPT?

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