Q&A 12 Mar 2023
Efficient document management with quick info retrieval.

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Docu-Talk is an AI-powered tool for document management that allows users to quickly search and find information within their documents. Users can upload any document and receive instant answers to their questions.

The tool streamlines document management and reduces the need for time-consuming manual searches. Docu-Talk offers various monthly plans, starting with a free version that includes 10 total chats, 1 chatbot, and 3 document uploads.

The starter plan includes 1000 total chats, 10 chatbots, and unlimited document uploads. The growth plan includes 6000 total chats, unlimited chatbots, and multiple document uploads for single chatbots.

The enterprise plan includes 25000 total chats, unlimited chatbots, and multiple document uploads for single chatbots. The tool is meant for individuals and organizations who are looking to improve their document management process and make it more efficient.

Docu-Talk collects and uses personal data for several purposes such as providing and maintaining the service, customer support, and analyzing and improving the service.

The tool uses AI to analyze and answer questions, and users can access the service through a chatbot by following three simple steps: uploading documents, giving the chatbot a name, and starting to ask questions.

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Pros and Cons


Quick information retrieval
Supports any documents
Instant answers to queries
Seamless document management
Reduces manual searches
Tiers of monthly plans
Free version available
Unlimited document uploads on paid plans
Multiple document uploads for single chatbots
Scalable for large enterprises
Privacy policy and data usage transparency
Supports individual and organizational use
Easy 3-step process
User-friendly chatbot interface
Multiple chatbots support
Integrated customer support
Analyzing and improving service based on data
Secured data transmission
Comprehensive pricing options


Free version limits uploads
No single document upload in free version
Chats capped in all plans
Limited chatbots in free and starter plans
Multiple document uploads exclusive to higher plans
Collects and uses personal data
Dependent on cookies

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