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Identify risks and streamline your construction contract process.
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Document Crunch is an AI-assisted platform designed to simplify and streamline contract review in the construction industry. Notably, the tool helps in the identification of critical risks within construction contracts, thus reducing the time usually spent on contract reviews.

With this system, construction professionals can become empowered with a thorough comprehension of their contracts, ensuring clarity and eliminating guesswork with regards to contract specifics.

The platform provides a 'Project Playbook', a condensed reference guide designed to demystify legal language and make contract terms easily understandable.

It also offers a standardized review process intended to make contract review consistent, measurable, and repeatable. Additionally, Document Crunch includes a 'Chat with Your Contract' feature, which presumably provides interactive contract understanding and clarification.

The platform integrates with other key software in the construction industry, like Procore, enhancing its collaborative capabilities. Document Crunch assists in advancing contract risk review and compliance in construction projects, which contributes to more effective project management and potential profitability protection.


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Document Crunch was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 21st 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Construction focused
Identifies critical risks
Speeds up contract reviews
Project Playbook feature
Demystifies legal language
Standardized review process
Chat with Your Contract feature
Procore software integration
Advanced contract risk review
Boosts project management
Potentially protects profitability
Interactive contract understanding
Makes contract terms understandable
Provides review consistency
Repeatable review process
Enhances team collaboration
Saves user time
Streamlines contract process
Removes contract guesswork
Suitable for construction professionals
Assists with compliance
Document Crunch for Word feature
Helps understand contract specifics


Industry-specific (construction)
No offline usage
Specific to English legalese
Potentially limited software integrations
No open source
Possibly complex interface
No mentioned mobile compatibility
No multi-language support
No API mentioned
Support specifics not clear


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How does Document Crunch demystify legal language in construction contracts?
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