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A powerful AI managing your personal and group calendars just by chatting.
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Dola is an AI-powered assistant that manages personal and group calendars. Dola simplifies schedule management by transforming voice inputs, texts, pictures, and complex contexts into planned events.

Users can chat with Dola to add, edit, or cancel events in a seamless and intuitive manner, as Dola understands and responds to natural language with precision.

This allows for efficient planning without the need for manual form-filling or recalling past calendar events. Dola also offers suggestions and draft outlines for users' tasks which can be edited or updated based on their needs.

The tool supports adding multiple events simultaneously and incorporates time reasoning features to optimize schedule management. Dola provides users with a clear view of their upcoming events and supports AI-based queries with natural language searches, ensuring that managing one's schedule is a stress-free experience.

Cancellation of single or multiple calendar events is also made simple with Dola. Furthermore, Dola is capable of understanding and setting calendar events from images, texts, or voice messages.

Dola sends timely alerts and reminders to help users stay on top of their schedules and miss no important event. The tool is also adept at handling group chats, where it can remind groups and instantly update the group calendar with any changes from any member.

Moreover, Dola can be synced with Google and Apple calendars, offering effective schedule management across devices.


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Dola was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 5th 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Transforms voice inputs into events
Text to event capability
Image to event capability
Supports complex contexts
Natural language-processing
Efficient schedule planning
No manual form-filling
Records past events
Provides task suggestions
Outlines drafts for tasks
Can edit and update tasks
Supports adding multiple events
Time reasoning features
Clear view of upcoming events
Natural language searches
Simplifies event cancellation
Timely alerts and reminders
Effective for group chats
Group calendar instant updates
Sync with Google Calendar
Sync with Apple Calendar
Chat-based event management
Contextual conversation recall
Forms-free editing experience
Handles multiple events simultaneously
Parses images for calendar events
Captures voice messages for events
Intuitive event management commands
Single command cancellation of events
Handles group collaborations effectively
Cross-device schedule syncing
Natural language search optimization
Stress-free agenda checking
Preemptive event reminders
Effortless calendar event integration
Intelligent alert system
Smooth editing experience
Smart interpretation of instructions
Human-like chat interactions


No offline availability
Limited calendar integration
No multi-language support
Lack of event category filtering
Limited reminders customization
No recurring tasks support
Limited voice recognition languages
Inefficient for large group chats
No desktop application


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What is Dola's function in managing upcoming events and tasks?


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