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DoNotPay is an AI-powered platform that provides users with a wide range of legal services, from fighting corporations and beating bureaucracy, to helping users sue anyone with the press of a button.

Among the services offered are cancelling free trials, beating parking tickets, suing robocallers for cash, finding hidden money, filing an 83b election, creating advance health care directives, appealing banned accounts, and more.

DoNotPay's website features a simple and intuitive interface, allowing users to quickly find the service they need. The platform also provides helpful resources such as articles about laws, legal advice, and tips on how to get the most out of the services provided.

DoNotPay is not a law firm, but a platform to provide legal information and self-help. The app is designed to make legal matters easier to manage and understand, ensuring users can get the help they need without spending a fortune.


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Pros and Cons


Wide range of legal services
Suing capabilities
Hidden money finder
Accessible legal advice
Simple interface
Quick service find
Diverse legal resources
Cost effective
Automated free trial cancellation
Parking fine challenges
Robocaller countermeasures
Enables 83b election filing
Creation of Advance Health Care Directive
Account appeal aid
Various legal document tools
Helpful and relevant articles
Inmate communication feature
Ticket disputes aid
Real-time problem fixing
Algorithmic legal advice
Bank fee challenges
Wage protection services
Robo revenge tools
Price gouging countermeasures
Employee rights aid
Free trial card feature
Subscription management tools
Flight compensation hacks
Animal control advice
Banned account appeal aid
DMCA support
Burner card reservation aid
Wide-ranging legal cancellation service
Car repurchasing issues aid
Copyright protection aids
Power of Attorney creation support
Child support payment aid
Seatbelt ticket dispute
Divorce certificate provision
Connect with inmate feature
Workplace discrimination fight aid
Complaint filing support
Financial aid appeal letter drafts
Lost item retrieval support
Unclaimed money finder
Compensation for victims of crime
Car lease negotiation feature
Credit card advice


Not a licensed law firm
No live support
Depends on user input
Lack of in-depth advice
Does not represent user in court
Limited scope of legal issues
Potential misinformation risks
Varied service quality
No personalized legal advice
No assessment of legal situation


What is DonotPay?
What services does DonotPay provide?
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What resources does DonotPay provide for understanding legal matters?
Is DonotPay a law firm?
How can DonotPay help me fight parking tickets?
Can DonotPay help me find hidden money?
What can I learn from DonotPay's articles about laws and legal advice?
Does DonotPay offer help with filling an 83b election?
Can I create advance health care directives using DonotPay?
How does DonotPay help appeal banned accounts?
What benefits does the DonotPay app provide?
How can I sign up for DonotPay?
Where can I access the top features of DonotPay?
Does DonotPay provide warranty claim assistance?
Can DonotPay help connect with an inmate?
Does DonotPay provide notary services?
Can I use DonotPay to deal with property taxes?
What are the terms and conditions of using DonotPay?

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