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Decision platform for defense operators
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Donovan is an AI-powered decision platform specifically designed for defense operators. The tool aims to assist operators in understanding, planning, and taking actions within minutes instead of weeks.

Donovan leverages AI technology to process and synthesize extensive structured and unstructured data. It enables government users to make sense of real-world data efficiently using simple natural language.The platform offers a trial version exclusively for verified U.S.

government employees. During the trial, users can search a sample of pre-loaded open-source national security and government data sets using Scale's platform.

Donovan requires no training for government users to utilize its search capabilities. The tool can handle classified or unclassified network datasets, providing users with a glimpse into the experience of applying Scale's technology to their own custom datasets.Furthermore, Donovan offers several preloaded data sets for users to explore.

These include technical reports on emerging technologies from China, counternarcotics documents related to trafficking operations, technical research reports in Mandarin, cloud environment management documents, and public assessments of Chinese military capabilities from various authoritative sources.The terms and conditions associated with Scale AI Donovan state that access and use of the software and services are subject to the terms of Scale's Main Services Agreement.

The trial is not intended for US Government production data or official purposes. Scale offers additional solutions for supporting demonstrations with Agency-specific US government data.


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Donovan was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Designed for defense operators
Efficient real-world data synthesis
Natural language data interpretation
Trial version for government employees
No training required
Handles classified and unclassified data
Offers preloaded data sets
Multiple data types processing
Can work with open-source data
Custom dataset applicability
Provides data analysis in minutes
Ease of use
Ingests structured and unstructured data
Classified or unclassified network operable
Supports cloud, hybrid, on-prem data
Multimodal data support
Tool can access external databases
Operationalizes data insights
Provides traceability with citations
Agency-specific demonstration support
Rapid deployment and updates
Partners with leading model providers
Can enhance decision making process
Accredited by DISA IL4 and FedRAMP
Cloud agnostic tool
Enables data aggregation at high speed
Accelerates course of action generation
Provides data-driven alerts
Translates, reviews, discovers document relationships
Versatile operational applicability
Continuous performance improvement
Easy integration with existing infrastructure


Exclusively for U.S. government use
Limited trial period
Pre-loaded datasets only in trial
Doesn't support all data types
No training provided
Access restrictions for non-U.S. users
Limited to Donovan datasets
Not for official government purposes
Does not handle production data
Dependant on external data sources


What capabilities does Donovan provide in terms of decision making for defense operators?
How does Donovan assist in planning and executing actions?
What kind of data does Donovan process and synthesize?
What are the requirements for using the trial version of Donovan?
Can Donovan handle both classified and unclassified datasets?
What are some of the preloaded datasets provided by Donovan?
What kind of training is required for government users to use Donovan?
What are the terms and conditions associated with Scale AI Donovan usage?
How can Donovan help in exploring technical reports on emerging technologies from China?
In what ways does Donovan assist in understanding counternarcotics operations?
What support does Donovan offer to government data at the CUI level?
What kind of reports can Donovan help translate and analyze?
How does Donovan assist with cloud environment management documents?
Can Donovan be used to access public assessments of Chinese military capabilities?
How quickly can operations be carried out using Donovan as compared to traditional methods?
How does Donovan integrate with existing government systems?
How secure is Donovan for processing sensitive defense information?
How can Donovan support analysis of technical research documents in Mandarin?
What are the options for customizing Donovan according to specific agency requirements?
How does Donovan maintain traceability and transparency in its operations?

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