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Generates stunning websites with optimized SEO content.
Generated by ChatGPT
Dorik allows you to build any website by using a prompt and lets you customize your website without using any code.
βœ…If you're new to website design, Dorik gives you customization tools that let you create anything without breaking the design.
βœ… If you are a pro, Dorik has flexible customizability that allows you to build powerful websites.
πŸ’Ž Some Key Features & Benefits
AI-Website Generation
AI-Generated Copy
AI-Generated Images
No-Code website builder
Custom code
Responsive Websites
Fast website performance
Free SSL and Hosting
Multi-Language Support
White-label features for Agencies
In-built analytics
Build UI from Airtable data
Membership websites

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Feb 19, 2024
Amazing tool for creating landing pages in a flash

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Pros and Cons


Generates SEO-optimized text
Generates relevant images
Adjustable site features
Adaptive to trends
Non-tracking cookies
High user privacy
Remembers site preferences
Highly visually appealing
Restores chat history
Analyzes site traffic
Conserves user site preferences
Switchable website components
Generates website copies
Generates images
Generates content in any language
Provides professional design guidance
Enables full layout regeneration
Offers tone setting for copies
Streamlines editing
Generates site content images
Generates bespoke illustrations
Generates blog posts
Offers SEO suggestions
Hosted on AWS & DigitalOcean
Payment integration
In-built and custom forms
Unlimited storage
Option to export code
Access to customer support


No tracking cookies
Dependent on user prompt
May generate generic websites
Limited customisation options
Heavy reliance on cookies
No export feature
Not fully private
Language support unconfirmed
Limited API integration


What is Dorik AI designed to do?
How does Dorik AI utilize AI in building websites?
Can I make changes to my website once it's been built with Dorik AI?
What are the SEO optimization features of Dorik AI?
What kind of cookies does Dorik AI use?
Does Dorik AI store any personally identifiable information?
How flexible and adaptable is Dorik AI in terms of user needs or business trends?
Does Dorik AI have flexibility in modifying specific features of the site?
What kind of privacy level does Dorik AI offer?
How does Dorik AI make a website visually appealing?
How does Dorik AI contribute to the user experience of a website?
Is Dorik AI capable of restoring chat history?
How does Dorik AI analyze site traffic?
How is Dorik AI different from other AI website builders?
What kind of business trends can Dorik AI adapt to?
How does Dorik AI determine relevant images for a website?
Can Dorik AI remember user site preferences?
How can Dorik AI improve a site's visibility on search engines?
What languages does Dorik AI support?
Can I export the code of the static websites generated by Dorik AI?


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