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Improved SEO article creation
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Drafts is an AI SEO engine designed to streamline the process of creating SEO optimized articles for websites. By uploading a list of target keywords, users can generate hundreds of high-quality articles within seconds.

The tool seamlessly integrates with leading blog providers, allowing users to directly publish their drafts to their blog or CMS with minimal effort. Drafts offers multiple pricing plans, ensuring users only pay for what they need.

The free plan includes 2 free articles per month and supports over 100 languages, while the hobby plan provides 50 articles per month with prioritized email support.

The pro plan offers 150 articles per month and prioritized email support as well. For those with specific article needs, on-demand articles can be purchased for $1.99 per article.

For enterprise-level users, Drafts offers an enterprise plan that provides unlimited articles, VIP support, a dedicated outcomes manager, and prioritized feature requests.

Overall, Drafts is a tool that caters to the needs of users seeking to boost organic traffic for their websites. With its AI capabilities, users can generate a large volume of SEO optimized articles quickly and efficiently.


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