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Create beautiful artwork with AI.
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Dream by WOMBO is an engaging AI-powered tool intended for the generation of unique artwork. It provides an intuitive mechanism for creating art, resonating with both novice and seasoned art enthusiasts.

Users initiate the process by submitting a prompt alongside a preferred art style. Be it surrealism, abstract, or cubism, the tool is designed to accommodate a wide array of artistic inclinations.

Following the input, Dream by WOMBO leverages its machine learning algorithms to instantaneously transform the users' ideas into distinctive pieces of digital art.

Grounded in Artificial Intelligence, the tool analyzes the given prompts and art style preferences to intuitively and creatively render pieces. This makes every output not just a manifestation of the AI's understanding of the inputs, but a unique piece of art in its own right.

Despite its sophisticated background operations, Dream by WOMBO maintains a user-friendly interface that ensures ease of use. Remarkably, the tool manages to combine art, creativity, and AI technology into a simple process, essentially morphing abstract concepts into eye-catching art pieces.

Dream by WOMBO was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 2nd 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Generates art from prompts
Variety of art styles
Works with user's idea
Option to upload image
Can use NFTs as reference
Creates unique output
High-quality art generation
Premium art styles available
Fast art creation
Wide selection of creative styles
Easy-to-use platform
User input-based artwork
Promotes creative exploration
Supports realistic to expressionist art
Supports flat design, vector
Features premium exclusive styles
Predisposition towards uniqueness
Connects to wallets for NFTs
Integrates user's style preference
Art preview feature
Creates new art from NFTs
NFT remixing option
Allows image as a reference
HD art generation
Multiple premium styles
Instant artwork generation
Adapts to user's art preference
Fast and easy creation
Support for advanced art techniques
Compatible with various image inputs
Interactive prompt history
Suggested input images
Customizable art output
Intuitive user interface
Unique style options
Comprehensive art styling
Versatile art generation tool
Drag and drop image upload
Offers analog art style
Features abstract fluid art
Supports Ukiyoe to Steampunk styles


No offline capability
Requires image upload
Wallet link for NFTs required
No mobile application
Limited art styles availability
Pre-set prompts
No editing features
No batch processing
No API for integrations
Premium access for certain styles


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Can I create unique artwork with Dream by WOMBO?

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