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# Uncensored, immersive AI role-playing chat where you are in charge.

Chat with characters, create your own AI girlfriend, explore fantasy realms, and more.

Jump right into one of our scenarios, or create your own.

No rules, no restrictions, just your imagination. SFW, NSFW, we have it all.

## Uncensored Creativity

At DreamGen, we champion the spirit of creative freedom, offering an environment free of cumbersome filters. This means you're free to explore any narrative, no matter how daring or bold.

## Engage with Multiple Characters in Rich Story Worlds

DreamGen is not just about one-on-one interactions. Engage with multiple characters simultaneously within with intricate lore. Take, for instance, our fan-favorite scenario **The Wicked Coven**:

“Trapped in an opulent bed, you are at the mercy of three strikingly beautiful witches, intent on siphoning your essentia for their dark ritual.”

## You Call the Shots

With DreamGen's advanced AI, you have complete control over character actions and story progression. Whether it’s directing a pivotal scene or crafting intricate relationships, you are the ultimate director of your adventures.

## Craft Your Dream Scenarios

While DreamGen offers a wide array of pre-designed scenarios, we also give you the tools to tweak these to your liking or even create entirely new ones from the ground up.

## Generous Free Tier

Dive into DreamGen’s limitless possibilities for free with our generous free tier or ehance your experience with paid subscriptions startsing at $3.92/month.

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Jun 24, 2024
I was looking for an AI to goof around with that didn't have so much cumbersome or downright silly built in censorship and decided to give this a spin. I will say that I had a delightful time with the free trial, which is indeed very generous. I mostly used the story generation feature as a sort of collaborative writing tool with a fully original story I set up and was very surprised I ended up with almost 16 pages of pretty quality text using the 'XL' model before I hit my free monthly credit limit. I'd expected maybe a quarter of that compared to other AI I've dabbled with before. I think this is an excellent trial amount because I was able to nearly complete what was more or less equivalent to a 'free chapter' from a book preview - the perfect amount to decide whether it's for you or not. I also liberally tested the 'Uncensored Creativity' claim and can confirm the AI is more than happy to write some truly depraved and rancid smut if you go out of your way to ask for it. I also did not run into any kind of explicit or distasteful content that I did not deliberately ask for either, which already makes it superior to many AI and human writers alike I've dealt with before. It followed prompts and instructions very well, even when I asked for very complicated or strange things. It also kept specific alien/monster anatomy features consistent throughout the text and referenced these features without needing to be regularly reminded of them, which is something I've struggled to get other free AI models to do in the past. It stayed on topic and in character very well for the most part and I had no issues with dramatic hallucinations or anything of that sort. The AI did seem to develop 'favorite' words and phrases it would repeat regularly, but I found this behavior easy to correct by simply manually changing or editing these repeated phrases out until it seemed to 'forget' them on its own. As I was using it to assist in writing rather than fully automate it I don't find this to be too much of an issue really, but it might be annoying if you don't have the patience to consistently edit the text to discourage it from latching on to these sorts of patterns. I did encounter one major issue in which after giving it an instruction it seemed to randomly 'break' it's brain and it began to loop the same paragraph and could not be snapped out of it by manual editing any of the generated text. adding new text, or issuing further instructions. To fix this I simply deleted all text generated after the 'bugged' instruction as well as the instruction itself and simply manually steered the text for an additional 2 paragraphs before allowing it to begin generating again without instruction. It recovered excellently after that and I had no more major issues. Over all I think this is an extremely solid AI for creative writing without pesky finger wagging from morality engineers. I would easily give it five stars if not for the fact I found that after deciding I thought it was in fact worth paying for, I found the process for actually doing that very confusing. It seems there is no way to buy credits directly but instead only through subscriptions. I am not the biggest fan of subscriptions usually, but given that the advanced and pro tier also include unlimited access to one or both models I feel those are not unreasonable in terms of price for the level of access you're getting and the overall quality of the AI. What confused me was instead the discrepancy between monthly billing and the monthly credit reset. Now, it is not only possible but extremely likely that I am misunderstanding it, but to me it reads as though regardless of when in the month you subscribe, everything resets at the beginning of the next month. So it sounds like that would punish you for subscribing later in the month for no reason since your credits would possibly reset before using them. That doesn't make sense to me so I have to imagine I'm simply understanding this incorrectly- but if that's the case I think the subscription page could do with some 'idiot proofing' to more clearly explain what parts of your subscription 'rolls over' and what 'resets'. I doubt I'm the first person to be unsure of this detail and it seems a shame to potentially lose sales over something that could be fixed with a minor language clarification. And while I do think the currently offered subscriptions are fair, I also think it is worth considering offering one off bulk credit purchases, as I think that would be enticing to people who maybe simply want to use a tool like this sporadically over time for a project here or there instead of regular/daily use and not have to worry about juggling resets or subscriptions. At least more options for people to give you money is never a bad idea I'd argue. I noticed the developer responds to comments on here so I thought I'd leave this bit of feedback, as well as my solutions to some of the problems to the issues others have reported. I greatly enjoyed using this AI and look forward to continuing to use it once my extremely un-idiotproof brain figures out the subscription logistics.
May 16, 2024
Really good, despite the problem of repeated lines, I almost always found it possible to solve it through the settings or the instructions tab. I think a good way to improve immersion would be adding or integrating an image generator.
May 16, 2024
Thank you for your feedback! Image generation is on the roadmap for sure.
May 16, 2024
There should AT LEAST be a search bar!!
May 17, 2024
Apologies for that! We do have tag-based filtering, so you can look for scenarios e.g. with only male or female characters, or for genre like horror or adventure.
May 15, 2024
I really like it, maybe the AI gets a bit repetitive,bht it's good. But can it generate images?
May 16, 2024
Thank you! I am working on new datasets and models that should alleviate the repetition issues, stay tuned!
May 5, 2024
I love it, up until it starts repeating the same few sentences, not always word for word, but close enough. As far as being able to adjust the setting like temperature and all if that, while I may be easy for some to understand, it's still confusing to others like myself, especially since I made adjustments according to the explanations given to try and dial back the repetitive glitch, but either the tweaks didn't work, or I didn't tweak it correctly. Maybe you should include some examples of how certain adjustments should look instead of just using the > and < symbols.
May 16, 2024
Thank you for the kind feedback! regarding reptition, I am working on new models that should help with that. Regarding the complex settings and confusing terminology, I totally agree. I need to come up with a simplified interface while keeping the current ones for power users.
May 2, 2024
Too many application errors
May 4, 2024
Apologies for that! That day we rolled out an update to a fraction of our model inference servers that caused those issues. Fortunately we noticed it relatively quickly and rolled it back -- it should be fine now, please give it another try!
Apr 24, 2024
pretty good, the free version is good enough to let you play for a while, but the ai is pretty weak and repetitive
Apr 24, 2024
Thank you for your feedback! For others that might run into these issues, I suggest: 1. Trying out some of the other models we offer (we offer models of different sizes and capabilities) 2. Help the model by providing instructictions on what should hapen next, to break the repetitive loop 3. Adjust temperature, repetition penalty, etc. But of course no AI is perfect (yet :)), including ours -- so we are alwasy working on collecting more and better data and training new models.
Apr 22, 2024
ai was very good, plus no ads at all

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Pros and Cons


Unrestricted role-play
Immersive experience
Predefined scenarios
Creative control
Community engagement
Interactive social platform
User scenario editor
Rich world-building
Multiple role-play characters
Location and lore definition
User-directed plot
Extensive world-building
Unlimited creative freedom
Scenario creation beyond chat
Direct plot control
Lively and authentic characters
Models and features free trial
Monthly completion credits
Tokens context window availability
Direct character control
Play as a director
Unique scenarios
Diverse predefined scenes
Responsive developers
Community size
No restrictions
Engaged user community
Immersive technology
Unparalleled role-play experience
Spicy stuff handling
Characters feel alive
Unrestricted creative freedom
Personalized narratives
Artistic creation capabilities
Interactive entertainment
Feedback-driven development
Fictional world exploration


Requires creative input from users
Potential inappropriate scenarios
Limited to predefined scenarios
No explicit content filter
No child safety features
Dependent on community engagement
Subscription can be expensive
No multi-platform functionality
Lacks third-party integration


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