Interior design 2023-01-24
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Virtual interior design and staging.
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Dreamhouse AI is a powerful interior design and virtual staging tool that uses artificial intelligence to help users re-design their homes. Users can explore design options, customize their spaces, and enjoy a free trial with no credit card required.

The tool also provides 10 free interior designs for any room, each with its own unique style, such as Zen, Modern, and Minimalist. Each design is created with a combination of inspiration and mask mode, to get users the most out of their experience.

Additionally, Dreamhouse AI offers support and access to a Pro version, which unlocks additional features. All in all, Dreamhouse AI is a great tool for anyone who wants to easily and quickly re-design their home in a stylish, modern way.


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Dreamhouse AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free trial available
No credit card required
10 free interior designs
Variety of design style choices
Combines inspiration and mask mode
Pro version available
Bathroom design options
Dining room design options
Bedroom design options
Living room design options
Kitchen design options
Zen interior designs
Modern interior designs
Minimalist interior designs
Contemporary interior designs
Option to unmask designs
Provides design support
Constantly updating designs
Easy-to-use interface
Allows customization of spaces
Virtual staging capabilities
Offers design exploration
Variety of room type designs
Mock-up before actual redesign
No login required for free version
Interior design for coastal houses


Limited design styles
Lacks advanced editing tools
No 3D rendering capability
Not multi-platform compatible
Limited to residential spaces
No integration with e-commerce
Doesn't support multi-room projects
No real-time collaboration feature
Page loading performance issues
Limited free design options


What is Dreamhouse AI?
What services does Dreamhouse AI offer?
How does Dreamhouse AI use artificial intelligence in interior design?
What kinds of interior design styles does Dreamhouse AI offer?
What is the unique feature of Dreamhouse AI's designs?
What is Inspiration and Mask mode in Dreamhouse AI?
How can I access the Pro version of Dreamhouse AI?
What extra features does the Pro version of Dreamhouse AI offer?
Are there any costs associated with using Dreamhouse AI?
Is there a free trial for Dreamhouse AI?
Do I need a credit card to try Dreamhouse AI?
What is the '10 free interior designs' offer from Dreamhouse AI?
How does Dreamhouse AI virtual staging work?
How can Dreamhouse AI help me redecorate my home?
Can Dreamhouse AI place virtual furniture in my rooms?
How does virtual furniture placement work on Dreamhouse AI?
How do I use Dreamhouse AI to redesign my kitchen?
How does Dreamhouse AI render beauty into my spaces?
Can I explore design options with Dreamhouse AI?
How can I get support from Dreamhouse AI if I need it?

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