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Generated artistic designs and images.
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AI Art Generator, developed by Dreamlike Tech Ltd., is an AI art creation suite that allows users to generate stunning, original images in just seconds using the power of artificial intelligence.

The suite offers a range of tools, such as upscaling, face fix, text to image, image to image and variations. It also includes public API, photorealistic diffusion, openjourney diffusion, modern animation diffusion and anime diffusion.

Furthermore, users can take part in community challenges and manage their content. AI Art Generator is free to use and can be easily accessed from any browser, without the requirement of a credit card.


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Pros and Cons


Generates original images
Multiple user-friendly tools
Text-to-image feature
Image-to-image feature
Available from any browser
Offers upscaling
Includes face fix
Variation creation opportunity
Public API included
Photorealistic diffusion
Openjourney diffusion
Modern animation diffusion
Anime diffusion
Community challenges feature
Content management system
Free to use
No credit card required
Allows for modern animations
Allows for Anime style
Interactive user content community
Doesn't require installation
Quick results in seconds
Creates artistic designs
Matchless convenience of access
Removes face flaws in images
Allows art modification
Reddit and Discord communities


Browser based, no offline access
No app version
Needs javascript enabled
Limited to artistic designs
No offline saving
No mentioned image editing
Reliance on community challenges


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Can the AI Art Generator turn text into images?
What is the image-to-image tool in the AI Art Generator?
How does the AI Art Generator differ from other AI art tools?
Can I participate in community challenges using the AI Art Generator?
Is there a content management feature in the AI Art Generator?
How does the photorealistic diffusion feature work in the AI Art Generator?
What is the openjourney diffusion tool about in the AI Art Generator?
What does the modern animation diffusion tool do in the AI Art Generator?
What does the anime diffusion tool in the AI Art Generator do?
What are the community features in the AI Art Generator?
What is the public API feature in the AI Art Generator?
How can I manage my content in the AI Art Generator?
What are the variations feature in the AI Art Generator?
How does the AI Art Generator create original images?

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