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Generated personalized images in multiple styles.
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DreamPic.AI is an AI-powered platform that allows users to create personalized images of themselves in a variety of styles. The platform requires a user to upload 10-30 photos of themselves, select the desired styles they wish to generate images in, and let the AI model do the rest.

After training the model, the user is presented with a link to view the results and download all generated images. DreamPic.AI also allows users to reuse or download the trained model so they can generate more pictures in different styles.

The platform comes with a wide range of pre-defined styles that cover a range of genres such as celebrity, art, animals, fantasy, sci-fi, professional headshots, cartoon, vintage, anime, surreal, gothic, steampunk, hipster, retro, fantasy, cyberpunk, hip-hop, elegant, bohemian, grunge, preppy, sporty, glamorous, pop art, minimalist, eclectic, urban, traditional, western, nautical, military, folk, tropical, art deco, medieval, greek, safari, beach, circus, beach bum, stargazer, deep space, icicles, desert, vaporwave, modern princess, fashion, princess, dream pilot, colorful portrait, lawyer, black suit, employee, death note digital art, android portrait, comic soccer player, clean line art, psychedelic portrait, fantasy ottoman warrior, african tribal portrait, african shaman, fantasy singer, phantom warrior, color leaves, and more.

DreamPic was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 3rd 2022.
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Dec 23, 2023
Not free and even if happy to pay. You go through the entire form to discover it's not accepting orders anyway
Sep 20, 2023
This is not free

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Pros and Cons


Personalized images creation
Multiple image styles
Creates link for download
Reuse or download model
Wide range of pre-defined styles
Unique visual branding
User-input training model
Optimal results with 10-30 images
Automatic results delivery
Animated avatars creation
GPT-powered custom styles
Privacy prioritized
Secure data server
Automatic data deletion in 7 days
Self service data deletion
Constant addition of new styles
Hardware rent for optimal computations
Grants copyright for images
Stable Diffusion technology powered
Direct social media sharing
Creating images of any object
iOS App available


Need multiple photos for training
No free trial
Content security not detailed
Limited to predefined styles
$15 initial cost
No subscription option
No style preview before purchase
Process time not defined
Complicated style creation
Limited platforms for sharing


What are the steps to create personalized images on DreamPic.AI?
How many photos are required for uploading to DreamPic.AI?
How can I download the images created by DreamPic.AI?
How can I use the trained model generated by DreamPic.AI to make more images?
What is the range of predefined styles available on DreamPic.AI?
What is the cost for generating images on DreamPic.AI?
Can I reuse or download the AI model trained by DreamPic.AI?
Does DreamPic.AI offer animation features for created images?
Can I request custom styles on DreamPic.AI?
How does GPT technology play a role in DreamPic.AI's image generation?
How does DreamPic.AI ensure the privacy of my uploaded personal photos?
What is the image deletion policy of DreamPic.AI?
Can I use DreamPic.AI to generate images of someone other than myself?
Is it possible to suggest new styles to be added to DreamPic.AI?
Can the images generated by DreamPic.AI be used for commercial purposes?
Why is there a charge for using DreamPic.AI?
What is the role of the Stable Diffusion and DreamBooth in DreamPic.AI?
Can the images generated by DreamPic.AI be shared on social media platforms?
Who can I contact for support or questions regarding DreamPic.AI?
Is there an iOS app available for DreamPic.AI?

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