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Utilize DreamShaper for rapid, high-quality image generation.
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DreamShaper is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool designed to generate high-quality images quickly. It employs a Stable Diffusion AI model, which is ideally suited for image formation.

Users can integrate with their APIs to boost their applications with this cutting-edge technology. DreamShaper offers details enhancer tweaks and a variety of styles from numerous models to customize their image generation process.

This enables users to add unique touches to the images generated, ensuring they align perfectly with their specific needs and preferences. Available styles include 'Contrast Fix', 'SamDoesArts Style', 'KoreanDollLikeness V2', '3D rendering style', and many more.

Each style incorporates different elements imported from the referenced models. More advanced settings are available for users who want finer control over their image generation, including image width and height adjustments, model version selection, and guidance scale determination.

Multiple models can be selected simultaneously to instill distinctive characteristics in the generated output. DreamShaper also provides a range of strength levels to accommodate both subtle and significant transformations based on ideal outcomes.

All these features make DreamShaper a versatile tool for diverse image-related projects.


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Pros and Cons


Generates images quickly
Extensive style options
Option to purchase credits
with Google/email
High-quality image output
API Integration capability
Enhancer tweak availability
Multiple style selections
Wide range of strength levels
Supports advanced settings
Allows images width/height adjustment
Supports multiple model selection
Customizable guidance scale
Different upscale types
Leaves minimum space for randomness (Seed)
Highly customizable settings
Provision of style run counts
Configurable number of inference steps
Procures high-detailed images
Supports 3D rendering style
Style based on famous artists
Unique styles for realistic generation
Customizable models' version
Prompt-based customized results
Scheduled model processing
Number of images control
Customizable LORA scale
ControlNet feature for transformations
Negative prompt customization
User checkpoint runs


Requires purchase of credits
Processing times vary
Limited maximum inference steps
Model selection lacks clarity
No option for random model
Stylistic elements not fully explained
Complex advanced settings
Model version selection ambiguity
LoRA scale significance unclear
Guidance scale limit restrictions


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What advanced settings are available for customizing image generation?
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