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Creating diagrams through node and edge manipulation.
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DreamSpace is a diagramming tool that allows users to create visual representations of their ideas. The user can select a node by pressing enter or space, then use the arrow keys to move the node around, press delete to remove it and press escape to cancel.

Similarly, edges can be selected and removed with delete or cancelled with escape. Additionally, users can adjust the width and height of the diagram in increments of 128, 256, 512, or 1024.

The tool also offers two modes: Loosely Follow Prompt and Exactly Follow Prompt, which allows users to adjust the level of difficulty. Finally, the tool includes a Start button, which begins the diagramming process, and a Back button, which allows users to undo their last action.

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Pros and Cons


Node and edge manipulation
Keyboard controls
Flexible diagram size
Two operation modes
Start and back option
Login for interaction
Undo last action
Customizable difficulty levels
Visual representation of ideas


No mobile version
Requires login for interaction
Limited diagram size control
Two modes only
No real-time collaboration
Key-based control only
No description for buttons
No autosave feature
Unclear node selection process


What is
How do I create diagrams using
What actions can I perform on a node in
How do I delete or cancel an edge in
Can I adjust the size of my diagrams in
What are 'Loosely Follow Prompt' and 'Exactly Follow Prompt' modes in
What is the purpose of Start and Back buttons in
Do I need to be logged in to use
Can I undo my actions in
What is the maximum height and width I can set for my diagrams in
How do I select a node or an edge in
How do I interact with the prompt editor in
What is the significance of 'Few Steps' and 'Many' options in
Are there any shortcuts to use
Does provide help or guidance while creating diagrams?
Do I have the freedom to move the nodes around in
Can I save my progress while diagramming on
What kind of images can I generate using
Do I need any prior knowledge to use
Are there any different diagram modes available in

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