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Limitless art generated.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered art generation tool that allows users to create, curate, and share high-resolution AI art. With, users have access to an unlimited artistic license, allowing them to experiment, customize, and own the works they create.

The platform also features a publicly accessible gallery page, AI-powered upscaling, and an integration with that provides users with a stream of inspiration. also gives back, donating 30% of all proceeds to TONE, a community supporting Black art in Memphis. With, users have access to a powerful, intuitive tool that enables them to create and share beautiful art with the world.

Dreamup was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates high-resolution images
Publicly accessible gallery
Integration with
Charitable contributions to TONE
Unlimited artistic license
Allows image customization
User retains all rights
Interactive gallery interface
Art is fully searchable
Share capability for curated works
Pay what you want model
Supports Black art community
Gallery curated by user
Endless creation and recreation
Favorite art saving feature
Inspiration from prompts
Subject or theme exploration
Ownership of all creations
Features resizable images
Allows image aspect ratio adjustment
Allows prompt copying from
Shares selection in public gallery
Charity contributions from proceeds
Access to unlimited images
Store favorites forever
User holds copyright to images


No mobile app
No offline mode
Limited customization
No collaboration feature
Lacks third party integrations
No advanced editing tools
Not open source
No professional-scale pricing
Possibly slow processing


What is
How does work?
What can I create with
What are the customization options provided by
Who owns the rights to the art created with
What is the publicly accessible gallery page on
How does AI-powered upscaling work in
How does integrate with
How does support TONE?
How is the payment system set up on
What are the benefits of using
Can I share my artwork created on with others?
How can I find inspiration through
How does the search function work in
Can I make as much art as I want with
What is the process to start creating art on
Can I save my favorite artworks on
What quality of art can generate?
What themes can I explore using
How is powered by open source AI?

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