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Store and share chatbots, files, and videos with ease.
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Dropchat is an AI tool designed to facilitate instant communication with book titles, authors, PDF files, and URLs. It enables users to chat with their files, MP3 and MP4 videos, and YouTube videos.

Moreover, it offers the benefit of embedding custom chatbots into any websites. The tool provides a private library, allowing users to save their chatbots for future communication sessions.

Dropchat also offers a second brain system, where users can easily retrieve and understand information through conversation and discussion reviews via notes or flashcards.

Dropchat allows users to access its functionalities by using its website, where they can log in and access their chatbots, saved files, and second brain system.

Dropchat offers a trial, where users can explore its functionalities to determine its value proposition to their needs. Dropchat's privacy policy and terms of service are available on its website.

In summary, Dropchat provides a simple and efficient way to communicate with books, files, and videos through chatbots, and offers a private library and second brain system to enhance users' experiences.

Its functionality can be embedded into websites and easily accessed through its website or mobile application.


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Pros and Cons


Instant book chatbots
Chat with PDFs
Explore URL through chatbot
MP3, MP4 chatbots
YouTube video chatbots
Embed-able into websites
Private chatbot library
Discussion reviews for comprehension
Notes and flashcards system
Website accessibility
Functionality trial offered
Audio and Video interaction
User-friendly interface
Privacy policy transparent
User data safety
Versatile application use
Customisable chatbots
Learn through conversation enhancement
Conversation recall system
Seamless log-in access
Easy retrieval of information
Good documentation
Compatibility with multiple media formats
Encourages interactive learning
Efficient communication tool
Efficient information processing
Convenient author, title search
Affiliate program available
Convenient ISBN number search


No mobile app support
Limited file-type interactivity
No offline mode
No multi-language support
Limited chatbot customization
No collaborative features
No API for integration
One-way communication with files
Inadequate privacy for chatbots
No preview option for files


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