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Local literature screening for pharmaceutical companies.
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DrugCard is an AI-enabled tool that specializes in local literature screening for the pharmaceutical industry. It is designed to streamline drug safety routines and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

The tool offers continuous and regular screening, allowing pharmaceutical companies to stay up-to-date with the latest literature in their local markets.

It provides traceability and transparency, allowing users to track the screening process and ensuring that it is accurate, complete, and holistic.DrugCard is scalable to new markets, making it suitable for companies looking to expand their operations globally.

It supports multiple languages and suppliers, allowing for a comprehensive screening process.One key advantage of DrugCard is that it does not require heavy capital investments, making it a cost-effective solution for pharmaceutical companies.

The platform supports over 100 languages and covers medical journals from over 35 countries, providing extensive coverage for screening. It boasts a high accuracy rate in scanned PDF screening.DrugCard caters to different users within the pharmaceutical industry, including Contract Research Organizations (CROs), Marketing Authorization Holders (MAHs), and freelancers.

It enables CROs to manage more projects and improve screening results, while MAHs can choose to perform in-house screening to mitigate compliance and reputation risks.

Freelancers can also benefit from the tool by saving time on literature screening and focusing on other value-adding activities.Overall, DrugCard offers a reliable and efficient solution for local literature screening, providing the pharmaceutical industry with the necessary tools to streamline drug safety processes and meet regulatory requirements.


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Sep 19, 2023
Efficient tool. Optimized my time working with med literature. Highly recommended
Sep 11, 2023
Drug Card is best tool for the excellent pharmacovigilance work of pharmaceutical companies!

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