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Discovering metric change factors.
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DSensei is an open-source AI-powered key driver analysis engine that helps users identify the root cause of fluctuations in their metrics. Unlike traditional BI tools, DSensei focuses on providing insights into the underlying reasons behind changes in metrics, giving users a deeper understanding of the "why" behind their data.This tool saves data teams considerable time by automating the tedious process of root cause analysis.

It analyzes the impact of all segments involved and identifies the most significant components, eliminating the need for manual investigation. By pinpointing critical drivers and often overlooked segments, DSensei uncovers valuable insights that may have otherwise been missed.DSensei works by autonomously exploring all possible combinations over a specified period, allowing users to establish a holistic view of the key drivers affecting their metrics.

It enables effortless exploration of each factor, providing intuitive insights into the reasons behind specific movements in datasets.The tool offers a live demo for users to experience its capabilities firsthand and also provides the option to try it locally through their GitHub repository.

DSensei maintains an active community presence through their blog, where they share articles and resources related to key driver analysis. Users can also engage with the DSensei community through their Discord server.DSensei is an efficient solution for organizations seeking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the factors driving fluctuations in their metrics, enabling data-driven decision-making and strategic insights.


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Pros and Cons


Automates root cause analysis
Analyzes all segments impact
Identifies significant components
Autonomous data combination explorations
Detailed segment exploration
Intuitive insights provision
Live demo available
Local trial through GitHub
Active community presence
Blog with helpful resources
Accessible via Discord
Enables data-driven decisions
Uncover overlooked metrics impacts
Comprehensive understanding of metrics


No mobile app
No customer support service
No on-premise installation option
Technical skill required for use
No collaboration tools
No real-time analytics
Requires manual setup
No data encryption provided
Dependency on GitHub for installation
Insufficient tutorial resources


What is DSensei?
How does DSensei work?
What problem does DSensei solve?
What metrics does DSensei analyze?
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How can DSensei save time for data teams?
What are the steps DSensei takes to analyze data?
Can I try DSensei locally?
Is there a live demo I can try of DSensei?
What kind of insights can I gain with DSensei?
What is a key driver analysis engine?
What kind of organizations would find DSensei useful?
Does DSensei have a community?
Why is DSensei described as an AI-powered tool?
Does DSensei maintain an active blog?
What insights does DSensei provide into fluctuations of metrics?
How does DSensei handle root cause analysis?
Can anyone use DSensei or is it aimed at specific professionals?
How does DSensei uncover overlooked segments?
How can DSensei help with data-driven decision making?

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