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Notes by Dubber is an AI-driven Notetaker specifically designed for recording, transcribing, and summarizing meetings that take place on web conferencing platforms such as Zoom.

This tool aims to enhance team productivity and focus during calls and meetings by automatically generating transcripts, action items, and detailed summaries.

By using Notes by Dubber, users can concentrate on the task at hand without the need to take extensive notes manually.This tool offers several features to support better meetings.

It seamlessly integrates with Google or Outlook calendars, allowing users to join and record scheduled calls and meetings regardless of their location or method of communication.

The real-time transcription capability enables users to transcribe their conversations and easily refer back to important discussions without the need for note-taking.

Additionally, the tool enables effortless searching of transcriptions, summarizing decisions and actions, and sharing these with meeting attendees for collaboration purposes.Furthermore, Notes by Dubber leverages AI technology to create automated actions and tasks for all meeting attendees, ensuring engagement and follow-through.

With ready integrations to popular collaboration and CRM tools, users can capture calls and meetings on platforms they already use, as well as share notes, transcripts, and recordings seamlessly.Overall, Notes by Dubber aims to facilitate smarter, more efficient meetings and better outcomes by minimizing the risk of missed details and capturing important points during calls and meetings.


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Dubber was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 11th 2023.
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