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Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered voiceover and dubbing platform that allows users to dub their videos in over 40 global languages, providing faster and cost-effective solutions compared to traditional dubbing.

The platform automates 80% of the dubbing process, making it 70% cheaper than traditional dubbing methods. With its advanced AI model, users can create or clone any voice in just minutes or hours of data and collaborate with their team remotely in real-time.

The platform also offers flexible services that do not require a physical studio to record, making it easier for users to adapt their videos to their desired language.

The platform touts its scalability with flexible options for customization for each user. also claims to provide secure services protected by the best security protocols in place and NDAs to prevent data misuse. reports that their AI-based model is four to ten times faster than traditional dubbing, providing a faster turnaround time. The company also affirms its cost-effectiveness with its automated processing and its ability to provide authentic results that every video deserves.

Dubdub's services are used by production houses and enterprise companies who want to expand their reach with fast and high-quality dubbing services. The platform is also used by marketing and creative agencies, businesses in India, and other countries looking to harness the power of localized content. has attracted leading companies like Ok Credit, MPL, Gameskraft, Rusk Media, Fincare Bank, and Reliance Nippon Insurance, which trust the platform for their dubbing needs. has also been used in several use cases, including movie and TV show dubbing, multilingual trailers/teasers, and sports commentary.


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Aug 16, 2023
Best dubbing tool I saw online ! They provide 40 languages and the best output
Aug 16, 2023
A user friendly dubbing tool with some great voices in US English, Spanish and Portuguese.
Aug 16, 2023
For my content creation in different languages it helped me a lot, the best part is their voices and that too in 40 lnaguages
Aug 16, 2023 was an amazing tool which was able to dub my videos with very high quality with almost no input from the user. they can dub videos in over 45 languages
Aug 16, 2023
It is very useful tool. I use it for dubbing my youtube channel videos in English into Hindi language. We can choose from 40 languages to dub our videos.
Aug 16, 2023
Top-notch AI dubbing and voiceover solution spanning over 40 languages.
Aug 16, 2023
Great tool to dub your YouTube and Educational content in Spanish, Portuguese and English language.
Jul 25, 2023

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Pros and Cons


Over 40 global languages
80% automated dubbing process
70% cheaper than traditional
Creates any voice quickly
Remote real-time collaboration
No physical studio required
Customizable user options
Highly secure with NDAs
4x-10x faster turnaround time
Used by leading companies
Ideal for diverse industries
Effective for various use-cases
Simple 3-step process
Proven to boost reach
Cost-effective for businesses
High-quality dubbed content
Real-time edits capability
Data protected by security protocols
Flexible dubbing solution
Contributes to localizing content


Limited customization options
Dependent on internet connection
Limited language selection
Potential for voice authenticity issues
Data security concerns
Lack of integration options
May not be suitable for complex dubbing requirements


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What type of businesses frequently use
Can be used for movie and TV show dubbing?
Are any large companies using for their dubbing needs?
How does benefit marketing and creative agencies?
Can I customize the dubbing process on
What does offer for multilingual trailers and teasers?
Does require a physical studio to record?
How is used in sports commentary?
How can I get started with
What are the steps to localize my video into any language with
What are some successful case studies of use?
How does contribute to the growth of localized content?


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