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Dub your audios and videos in multiple languages with AI.
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Dublai is an AI-powered service for dubbing audios and videos. Offering comprehensive translation and voiceover services, it bridges language barriers by providing users the ability to dub their content into various languages - namely English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Japanese.

This helps users extend their global reach by enabling their content to be understood by speakers of these languages. With a straightforward process, users provide a link to the original video and specify the desired languages for dubbing.

Leveraging modern technologies, Dublai responds with a professional dubbed video within a short turn-around period. It maintains the original identity and personality of the content by applying voice models that echo the original voice.

The dubbed video comes in various file formats including ones with or without original background music. Furthermore, Dublai provides a transcription of the original audio and can deliver an SRT file with subtitles.

This service offers a cost-effective solution, eliminating the need for employing a large team of voice actors, studios, and translators.


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Pros and Cons


Offers comprehensive translation
Provides voiceover services
Supports multiple languages
Simple process
Fast turn-around period
Maintains original content identity
Echoes original voice
Delivers in various formats
Provides transcription
Supports SRT subtitles
Cost-effective solution
Replaces need for voice actors
Replaces need for studios
Replaces need for translators
Helps extend global reach
No need for large team
24-hour delivery
Dubs in 7 languages
Maintains channel personality
Provides original voice
Allows all video formats
Allows all sizes
Multiple output files
Dubbed video with original music
Dubbed video without original music
Audio file with original music
Audio file only
Text file with original transcription
Subtitles in SRT file


Limited language options
Dependent on users' internet
No offline capabilities
No custom voice option
Limited support
No real-time translation
No multilingual translation at once
Not for live-walk-throughs
Requires video link submission


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Is there any video format requirement to use Dublai?
Can Dublai provide a transcription of the original audio?
Does Dublai offer any additional services like subtitles?
Is Dublai a more cost-effective option than hiring voice actors, studios, and translators?
Can I get my video dubbed in multiple languages at once with Dublai?
In what file formats I will receive my dubbed video from Dublai?
How does Dublai ensure the dubbed content sounds natural?
What content formats does Dublai support for dubbing?
Does the dubbed video from Dublai contain original background music?
What cost I can expect for Dublai's services?
What's the benefit of using Dublai for multilingual content?
Can Dublai provide audio only dubbed files?
How does Dublai use voice models?
What is an SRT file provided by Dublai?
Can I get any discount for dubbing in multiple languages with Dublai?


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