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Dubbing videos across languages at lightning speed.
Generated by ChatGPT is an online video dubbing platform utilizing artificial intelligence for translating and dubbing videos across a range of languages. Apart from video dubbing, the platform offers services such as subtitles generation and text to speech conversion.

This powerful tool empowers its users to generate multilingual content efficiently, making it accessible and comprehensible to a broader global audience.

As well as being user-friendly and easy to use, it provides a seamless editing experience via its advanced script editor, which includes a real-time translation feature.

Furthermore, offers an extensive range of human-like AI voices for voice-overs, enhancing the quality of the dubbed content. The application of generative AI technology in enables users to create high-quality multilingual content faster than manual methods.

The platform accommodates a variety of content types, including informational videos, how-to videos, documentaries, tech tutorials, and news segments.

This makes a powerful tool for content creators who need a quick and effective way to make their content multilingual and globally accessible.


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Pros and Cons


Dub videos across 30 languages
Built-in sharing utilities
On-the-go subtitle downloading
Faster than manual dubbing
On-demand language experts for QA
Accommodates various content types
Real-time translation feature
Ideal for content creators
Supports 150+ speakers
Realistic human-like voice-overs
Supports 60+ Indian and global languages
Efficient multilingual content generation
Seamless script editing
Multilingual SEO boost
Convenient multi-platform sharing
Transformational tool for content accessibility
Subtitles in any language
Specialised dubbing for differing video genres
500K+ Brands leveraging platform
Ease of use and setup
In-built collaboration tools
Integrates with multiple platforms
Cost-effective and time-saving
Boosts business scalability


Limited to 30 languages
No free version disclosed
Requires internet connection
Lacks offline capabilities
Depends on built-in sharing utility
Possible translation inaccuracies
Dependent on third-party experts
Limited voice style options


What is
Does support video dubbing for all 30 languages?
How does's generative AI technology work?
How does's text to speech feature function?
Does generate subtitles for videos?
What kind of voices does offer for voice-overs?
What industries and contexts is suitable for?
Can I share my works in progress with others on
How can I maximize the ROI on my video production with
How fast can dub videos?
Does offer on-demand language experts?
Can I download subtitles directly from
How can benefit content creators?
What type of content can I translate using
Why does provide AI-powered script editor?
What is the function of the AI-powered script editor in
Can be used for dubbing how-to videos and tech tutorials?
Can be used for dubbing news segments?
Does provide real-time translations?
How user-friendly is the platform?

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