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Effortlessly translate and dub videos online with powerful AI.
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DubWiz is an advanced video translation and dubbing service. It utilises AI technologies to offer a user-friendly and efficient experience for translating and dubbing videos.

Its features include Speech-to-Text transcription, Neural Machine Translation, and Neural Text-to-Speech for lifelike voiceovers. Designed with an emphasis on user-friendliness, DubWiz does not require professional translation or editing skills.

The interface is intuitive and empowers users to start working immediately. Supported by modern neural networks, it streamlines the localization process and proposes to deliver fast results.

Speech-to-Text transcription enables prompt conversion from human speech into text, with the added functionality of speaker distinction and the ability to upload custom dictionaries.

The platform offers a transcript editor for refining AI-generated transcripts and an efficient translation editor. The Neural Machine Translation engine provides high-quality translations while maintaining the subject's context.

Users can translate the entire text or selected sentences. DubWiz's innovative feature allows automatic removal of the original foreign-language voice from a video while retaining background sounds and music, allowing users to create professional voiceovers in their native language.


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DubWiz was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Speech-to-Text transcription
Neural Machine Translation
Neural Text-to-Speech
User-friendly interface
No professional skills needed
Instant startup
Modern neural networks support
Localized content efficient creation
Transcript editor included
Efficient translation editor
Speaker distinction functionality
Custom dictionaries upload
High-quality translations
Selective sentences translation
Retains background sounds
Removes original foreign-language voice
Professional native language voiceovers
Create multilingual YouTube videos
Includes a dubbing studio
Accuracy in speaker labels
Convenience in translations
Quick results delivery
Easy-to-use interface
Play and pause video functionality
Provides translation reviews
Automatic scripting
Supports diverse language options
Original background level adjustment
Transcripts refinable by users
Fast translation of texts
Effortless translation and dubbing
Cloud-based technologies
Automatic language detection
Free trial available
No credit card required for trial
Script editing
Video localization
Maintains subject's context
Text checks with browser addons
Easy audio removal for dubbing
Productivity boosting functionalities
Retains background music
Edits possible in real-time
Regarded as cutting-edge
User-convenient service
Allows translation of entire scripts
Accessible to all users
Supports internet connection and browser use
Empowers users to localize content
Facilitates hassle-free experience


No offline mode
Limited to web browser
No explicit language support details
Potential for translation inaccuracies
No multi-user collaborative features
Dependent on quality of original audio
Requires strong internet connection
Speech-to-text might have errors
No details on security measures
Lack of customer support details


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