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Generates code and designs UI for software development.
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Dynaboard AI is a suite of AI functionalities aimed at accelerating the process of building custom, production-grade software. The tool offers developers three key features, including UI generation, code generation, and code refactoring, which enable developers to design, develop, and deploy software within a few minutes using natural language.

With Dynaboard AI, developers can generate TypeScript/JavaScript, SQL, and CSS in any code or query editor. Dynaboard AI is also designed to allow developers to create interactive UI components effortlessly.

By typing prompts into the command bar, developers can create data-rich forms with automatically configured components. Dynaboard AI also generates charts, tables, and dropdowns that link to PostgreSQL, MySQL, or BigQuery databases.

The tool enables developers to add interactivity with generated filters, which can be used to filter charts and tables based on the dropdown input. Dynaboard AI is context-aware of the developers' pages, functions, components, and database schema and allows users to modify existing apps easily.

The tool provides a seamless experience and is easy to use for both new and experienced developers. Dynaboard AI aims to tackle many more time-consuming aspects of app development, including kickstarting development of large apps, maintaining documentation, and fixing bugs.

Dynaboard AI is accessible on the Dynaboard editor and provides a free trial for users. Developers can share their feedback with the tool using the up- and down-vote feature in the editor or via Twitter.


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Pros and Cons


Generates TypeScript/JavaScript, SQL, CSS
UI generation feature
Code refactoring
Designs interactive UI components
Context-aware of pages, functions
Data-rich forms creation
Automated component configuration
Generates charts, tables, dropdowns
Linkable to PostgreSQL, MySQL, BigQuery
Generates filters for interactivity
Easy to modify existing apps
Useful for both new and experienced developers
Accelerates complex app development
Helps maintain documentation
Helps fix bugs
Accessible on Dynaboard editor
Provides a free trial
Up- and down-vote feature for feedback
Generates code in any code or query editor
Creates data-rich forms with automatically configured components
Links to database for real-time data
Assists with app updates
User-friendly interface
Saves time on app development
Facilitates app interactivity
Handles large app development
Accelerates code generation
Automatically names components
Suggests visualization options
Prompts for easy UI creation
Automatic app documentation
Generates editable UI components
Modifies existing apps
Creates alphabetically sorted lists
Generates real-time data filters
Understands user commands
Handles naming and placing components
Integration with database for code generation
Supports different coding languages
Enables sharing creations on Twitter
Improves app synchronization
Empowers user to influence tool development
Promotes seamless code refactoring
Streamlines design, development, and deployment
Creates comprehensive software in minutes
Recognizes database schema
Transforms natural language into code
Allows users to interactively create UIs
Generates always up-to-date dropdowns


Limited to TypeScript/JavaScript, SQL, CSS
Only supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, BigQuery
Dependent on developer prompts
Automation might limit control
Only works with Dynaboard editor
No native mobile app
Limited UI components generation
No support for non-web apps
Beta version instability


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What is the experience like for new developers using Dynaboard AI?
How does Dynaboard AI streamline development of complex software?
How can I share my feedback on Dynaboard AI?
Is there a free trial available for Dynaboard AI?
How does Dynaboard AI help maintain documentation and fix bugs?
How can Dynaboard AI be accessed?
Can Dynaboard AI help with large-scale app development?
Does Dynaboard AI offer real-time filtering of data?
How is Dynaboard AI 'context-aware' with respect to my app's aspects?

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