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Translates legal jargon to plain English.
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E-Legal is an AI tool designed to simplify legal documents by using advanced technology to convert complex legal jargon into plain English. The tool enables users to upload various types of legal documents including, employment, settlement, release, purchase, service agreements, entertainment, divorce, T&Cs, business contracts, and even lawsuits, up to 30 MB in size and unlimited pages.

The tool is aimed at preventing legal disputes and reducing overall legal costs by improving understanding of complex documents before signing. The AI technology used by E-Legal analyzes text and identifies jargon before translating it into easy-to-understand language.

The tool is available for $5 per page and all uploaded documents are kept confidential. Customers have praised the tool for its effectiveness in simplifying complicated legal documents, and for the improved understanding of agreements.E-Legal's AI technology enhances efficiency and reduces the need for expensive legal representation making it an essential tool for individuals who require a better understanding of their legal documents.

The user-friendly platform enables seamless integration of legal documents for analysis and conversion, while also providing immediate results. Using this tool, individuals and businesses can gain peace of mind by understanding the content of legal documents in a matter of minutes.

E-Legal is dedicated to data confidentiality, with uploaded documents kept secure and confidential. Overall, E-Legal is an excellent AI tool suitable for individuals and corporations alike, helping them quickly and easily simplify legal documents to prevent expensive legal disputes.


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E-Legal AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Translates legal jargon
Supports various legal documents
Handles documents up to 30MB
Unlimited page support
Prevents legal disputes
Reduces legal costs
Quick conversion into plain English
Secure document upload
Improved legal document comprehension
Reduces need for legal representation
User-friendly platform
Immediate translation results
Confidentiality for uploaded documents
Cost efficient legal solution
Suitable for individuals and corporations
Facilities quick legal document simplification
PDF and DOCX file support
Functionality praised by users
Transparent pricing model
Helps understanding before signing
Supports all types of contracts


Cost per page
Limited file format acceptance
No multi-language support
No offline functionality
No free version
Limited to 30MB uploads
No API integration
No real-time collaboration features
Not open source
Not response on some devices


What is E-Legal AI?
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What is the main goal of E-Legal AI?
Is E-Legal AI secure?
What types of contracts can E-Legal AI translate?
What size of document can E-Legal AI handle?
Why should I choose E-Legal AI over legal representation?
What have other users said about the effectiveness of E-Legal AI?
How user-friendly is E-Legal's platform?
Is E-Legal AI tool suitable for businesses?
Does E-Legal AI offer any discounts?
What file formats does E-Legal AI accept?
How does E-Legal AI enhance efficiency?
How confidential is E-Legal AI with uploaded documents?
What forms of payment does E-Legal accept?
Can E-Legal handle jargon from different legal fields?
Can I use E-Legal AI if I don't have a background in law?

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