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Automate Your Job Applications with AI-Generated Resumes and Cover Letters
Generated by ChatGPT

Easy Apply is an AI-powered tool designed to streamline your job search process. It enables job seekers to automate job applications by directly uploading their resume, with the tool subsequently applying for numerous jobs on their behalf.

A significant feature of Easy Apply is the creation of AI-generated resumes and cover letters. These are adapted for each job application to increase the chances of applicant success.

The tool also includes an advanced job search engine providing personalized job recommendations in alignment with the user's career goals, thus aiding in identifying suitable job opportunities.

Further enhancing its utility is an intuitive resume builder, allowing users to construct professional resumes and cover letters with ease. The resume builder provides a selection of templates that can be customized to depict the user's unique career path.

Moreover, the tool provides an AI-enhanced process to curate personalized resumes and cover letters for distinct jobs, ensuring the application matches the job description accurately.

Despite its intelligent automation, Easy Apply also offers a variety of add-on packages and priority support to assist the users throughout their job hunt.

However, the tool's pricing, features, and capabilities may change and be subject to upgrades.


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Pros and Cons


Job search automation
Advanced job search engine
Personalised job recommendations
Automatic resume uploading
Intuitive resume builder
Selection of resume templates
Customized career depiction
Matches application to job description
Various add-on packages
Priority support available
Free basic plan available
Paid plans for heavy use
One-click job application
Aligns recommendations with career goals
Supports career advancement
Professional resume and cover letter design
Free instant tailored resumes and cover letters
Automatic application to multiple jobs
Discounts available on paid plans


Limited free applications
Add-on packages cost extra
Pricing changes frequently
Paid priority support
Potentially impersonal applications
May overlook niche jobs
No offline capabilities
Not open-source
No API for integrations


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