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AI-powered data analysis for online marketers.
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EasyLytics is an AI-powered data intelligence tool specifically designed to aid online marketers in the robust analysis of data accrued from various sources such as social media platforms, GA4, YouTube, and Spotify.

It is a convenient application that eliminates the need for hiring data experts. The tool provides valuable insights from your data across multiple platforms, enabling users to make informed decisions backed by intelligent analytics.

EasyLytics is built as a chat platform that allows users to ask data-related questions to which it provides real-time responses. Upon signing up, users can simply connect their Google account, select their GA4 property and start interacting with their data in a chat format.

The tool boasts quick responses and a user-friendly interface available for different devices. Currently, EasyLytics primarily supports GA4 in its demo version, promising to extend support to other platforms in future updates.

Future releases of EasyLytics anticipate additional functionalities such as generating visuals and customizable dashboards personalized to contain your most important metrics or KPIs.

Free trials of EasyLytics are available for users who want to explore the product.


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Pros and Cons


Designed for online marketers
Data analysis from multiple sources
Supports social media data
Supports GA4 data
Supports YouTube data
Supports Spotify data
Chat interface
Real-time responses
User-friendly interface
Multi-platform support
Future support for data visuals
Customizable dashboards
Future KPI tracking
Free trials available
Eliminates need for data experts
Interacts with GA4 data
Quick responses
Can connect Google account
Ask data-related questions
Insight generation across platforms
Mobile friendly
Access to all data at once
Upcoming releases with new features
GA4 integration
Ask unlimited questions
No need for additional data analysts
Reduces time spent on data-analysis
Free subscription available
Premium support for users
Constant free updates
Fast data chat responses


Primarily supports GA4 only
No visuals in demo
Customizable dashboards not available
Limited platform integrations
Single user tool
No team plans
No report generation
Chat only interface
Potential data security concerns
Limited to online marketers


What is EasyLytics?
How does EasyLytics work?
How can I get started with EasyLytics?
What platforms does EasyLytics currently support?
What future platforms are expected to be supported by EasyLytics?
Can I connect my Google account to EasyLytics?
How does the GA4 integration with EasyLytics work?
Is EasyLytics mobile-friendly?
Does EasyLytics offer real-time responses?
How does the Free trial of EasyLytics work?
Does EasyLytics have any future plans for customizable dashboards?
Will EasyLytics be able to generate visuals in the future?
How does EasyLytics help to eliminate the need for hiring data experts?
What kind of data can EasyLytics analyize?
Can EasyLytics pull data from YouTube?
How does the chat format interface of EasyLytics work?
What are the main features of EasyLytics?
How long does it takes for EasyLytics to respond to data-related queries?
Are there any limitations in the demo version of EasyLytics?
What is the purpose of EasyLytics's AI-powered data intelligence?

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