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Transforming WhatsApp audio to readable text.
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EchoFox is an AI tool that works as a personal transcriber in WhatsApp. It is designed to transcribe and summarize lengthy voice messages, making it easier for you to comprehend important messages quickly without the need to listen to the entire audio.

EchoFox also allows you to search through transcriptions, enhancing productivity by letting you quickly find crucial information from your voice messages.

The tool supports on-the-go access by being available as a WhatsApp contact, enabling you to read your transcriptions anytime and anywhere. EchoFox also features a language support system that can transcribe voice messages in over 90 languages with automatic language detection.

It places high priority on user privacy, encrypting all transcriptions and not storing voice messages longer than necessary. With EchoFox, you can enjoy enhanced productivity and seamless interactions without the hassle of lengthy voice messages.


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EchoFox was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


24/7 transcription assistant
High accuracy transcription
Supports multiple audio formats
Transcribes 98 languages
Optimized for multiple languages
Advanced noise reduction technology
Wide app integration
Transcriber in WhatsApp
Voice memos summarization
Transcription search functionality
On-the-go access
Automatic language detection
Encrypted transcriptions
Voice messages not stored
Fast transcriptions
Allows message summarization
In-app language support
Adheres to industry regulations
Delivers transcription in seconds
Supports long audios
Can transcribe noisy environments
Supports multiple speakers
Customer-friendly pricing tiers
Allows forwarding of voice messages
Transcribes popular audio formats
Accessible via WhatsApp
Maintains user privacy
Multiple app integrations planned
Complies with data deletion policies
Transcribes up to 120 min
API Access availability


Limited to WhatsApp integration
Audio format limitations
Optimized for six languages
Potential delays during peak times
24-hour transcription data retention
20-minute audio cap for Pro Plan
Multi-speaker transcription not optimized
Pricing tiers not yet released
Environment noise might affect accuracy
Manual forwarding of voice messages required


What is EchoFox?
How does EchoFox work?
What languages does EchoFox support?
Can EchoFox transcribe audio from all apps or is it just for WhatsApp?
Is EchoFox available 24/7?
How accurate is EchoFox's transcriptions?
How long does it take for EchoFox to transcribe an audio message?
Can I search through transcriptions made by EchoFox?
How does EchoFox handle user privacy?
Does EchoFox keep or delete audio messages after a certain period of time?
How does EchoFox handle transcriptions in noisy environments?
What are the pricing details for EchoFox?
How can I integrate EchoFox with other apps?
How many languages can EchoFox accurately transcribe?
Which languages is EchoFox optimized for?
Can EchoFox summarize a voice message?
Are there any limitations on the length of voice messages that EchoFox can transcribe?
Does the device or operating system affect the functioning of EchoFox?
Can I trust EchoFox with my sensitive information?
Are there any additional features or benefits of EchoFox that have not been mentioned?

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