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Personalize every cold email with AI
Generated by ChatGPT is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool designed to personalize cold emails at scale. It stands out for its capabilities in automatically tailoring each email to an individual prospect, using information directly from the prospect's LinkedIn profile.

In addition to aiding in personalization, is designed for ease-of-use and eliminates scalability issues often faced in large-scale email outreach.

Its functionality involves generating hundreds of AI-powered sales personalizations readily for use in further email communications. improves the efficiency of email personalization and supports businesses in increasing their reply rates.

How it works: Users upload their prospect list, either as a CSV file or a LinkedIn URL. then crafts personalized lines specific to each prospect.

These crafted lines can be easily used in various cold email sending tools as custom variables. does not send out emails itself but generates personalized lines for use in other platforms.

The tool also operates on a credit system, where one credit can be used to generate 6 personalized lines, or one full email per lead. While its speed of work may vary based on the volume of requests at a given time, generally completes bulk requests in less than a minute.


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Pros and Cons


Personalizes cold emails at scale
Utilizes prospect's LinkedIn information
Chrome extension available
Automates email personalization
Alleviates scalability issues
Generates sales personalizations readily
Increases reply rates
Accepts CSV or LinkedIn URL
Produces multiple personalized lines per credit
Completes bulk requests rapidly
Platform-independent email generation
40X faster than human
Automatically retrieves LinkedIn details
Simplistic user interface
Cheaper than hiring VA
Highly personalization quality
Integrates with several cold email tools
Substantial monthly credit allowances
Single-purchase, non-expiring credits available
Monthly credits rollover
Supports large-scale email campaigns


Doesn't send emails itself
Requires LinkedIn URL for personalization
Dependent on credit system
Bulk requests may vary in time
Doesn't offer detailed analytics
Requires CSV file or LinkedIn URL
Limited free trial options
Doesn't have a mobile app
Limited to English language emails


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