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Edge is a patent assistant tool designed to automate and streamline the patent writing and management process. The key purpose of the tool is to simplify tasks that traditionally take hours, allowing both patent attorneys and inventors to save valuable time.

Edge offers capabilities for generating draft claim sets, producing embodiments and boilerplates, thus reducing the time spent on intricate writing and enabling users to focus more on critical thinking.

The tool also streamlines the handling of patent figures, providing an easy platform for editing, adding labels and organizing drawings, eliminating the need to rely on draftspeople for these often complex tasks.

Additionally, the tool aids in reducing common reference errors, a prevalent issue in preparing patents. To assist inventors in formulating their inventive concept, Edge offers brainstorming functionality.

It provokes the invention formulation process by posing critical questions upfront. Furthermore, Edge helps to simplify disclosures, assisting in the drafting process to decrease manual writing.

Finally, Edge provides workflow management to help organize and categorize disclosures for ease and efficiency. Users can manage all disclosures in one place, and then share them with outside counsel as needed.

Please note, Edge aims to serve as every patent professional's personal patent assistant; therefore, expertise in patents is an integral aspect of the tool's offering.


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Edge was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 3rd 2023.

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