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Effortlessly generate and structure essays with AI.
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EduWriter.ai is a free AI-based tool designed to assist in essay writing. The tool simplifies the writing process by generating and structuring essays based on a straightforward brief provided by the user.

In addition to essay writing, EduWriter.ai also provides a variety of supporting tools such as a paraphrasing tool, text summarizer, thesis generator, topics generator, APA generator, and plagiarism tool to guide in different aspects of writing.

Utilizing technologies like AI and Machine Learning, EduWriter.ai can help craft various types of papers, including school essays, college research papers, and in-depth literature reviews.

This tool encompasses deep neural networks and natural language processing for original and coherent outcomes. Furthermore, EduWriter.ai offers benefits such as lightning-speed processing, idea generation for writing, creating unique text for essays and papers, low probability of errors, and availability at all times.


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Jan 25, 2024
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Pros and Cons


Free essay writing tool
Generates and structures essays
Variety of supporting tools
Paraphrasing tool
Text summarizer
Thesis generator
Topics generator
APA generator
Plagiarism tool
Crafts various types of papers
Encompasses deep neural networks
Uses natural language processing
Lightning-speed processing
Idea generation for writing
Creates unique text
Low probability of errors
Available at all times
Generates coherent outcomes
User-friendly interface
Offers sample work
Covers all subjects
Option to hire human editor
Secure and anonymous
Provides 24/7 support
Guarantees original writing
Covers any task and complexity
Satisfaction or money back guarantee
Outline maker feature
Offers plagiarism-free content
Generates unique essay ideas
Access to Pro Editors
No subscription required
Real-time essay generation
Page instructions submit option
Allows submission of custom instructions
Simple and straightforward process
Generates full-length essays and papers
Terms of Service and Privacy Policy compliance
User-friendly registration process
Email and phone number based registration
Google sign up option
Account verification feature
Mixed natural language integration
Password recovery option


No offline availability
May lack academic depth
Dependent on user's brief
Possible paraphrasing errors
Probable issues with text summarizer
Potential thesis generator inadequacies
Possible unoriginal topic generation
Core functionality may overlook nuances
Might not fully avoid plagiarism
Limited to essay format


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How does EduWriter.ai help in generating ideas for writing?
How unique is the text produced by EduWriter.ai for essays and papers?
How low is the probability of errors in essays and papers generated by EduWriter.ai?
What is the availability of EduWriter.ai?
Is EduWriter.ai a paid or free tool?
Is EduWriter.ai only for academic writing or can it be used for other types of writing?
How does EduWriter.ai deal with plagiarism in the essays or papers it generates?
What kind of support is available for EduWriter.ai users?

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