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Email composition and proofreading assistant.
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EffectiveApe is an AI Writing Assistant for Gmail that assists users in composing emails quickly and efficiently. It is available as a Chrome extension and works by taking keywords from the user and then composing an email in the user’s style.

The AI assistant is able to determine the user’s tone and can summarize emails for those who don’t have time to read them. It also offers a proofreading service, making sure emails are free of grammar and spelling mistakes.

In addition, the AI assistant can provide language translations, making it easier for users to communicate with people who speak different languages. The AI assistant is available in three different plans, Lite, Pro and Premium, with different features and pricing.

During the Early Access period, users can access the AI assistant for free.

EffectiveApe was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Email composition assistance
Email proofreading
Language translation feature
Emulates user's writing style
Email summarization
Detects user's tone
Different plan options
Free during Early Access
Assists in responding difficult emails
Simplifies complicated expressions
Supports non-native English speakers
Saves time on email management


Only available for Gmail
Limited to Chrome extension
May mismatch user’s tone
Summarization effectiveness unclear
Requires personal typing style
Charges after early access
Dependent on user’s keywords
Translation quality uncertain
Requires downloading extension
Unproven handling of complex emails


What is EffectiveApe?
How does EffectiveApe work?
Is EffectiveApe only available for Gmail?
Can EffectiveApe write emails in my style?
Does EffectiveApe offer proofreading services?
Is there a language translation feature in EffectiveApe?
What are the different plans available for EffectiveApe?
How much does each EffectiveApe plan cost?
Is EffectiveApe free during the Early Access period?
Can EffectiveApe help me write professional responses to sensitive situations?
Does EffectiveApe offer a summarizing feature for long emails?
How does EffectiveApe handle difficult emails?
Can EffectiveApe assist non-native English speakers in email composition?
Do I have to install a Chrome extension to use EffectiveApe?
What's the difference between the 'Lite', 'Pro' and 'Premium' plans?
After the Early Access period, how can I continue using EffectiveApe?
Can EffectiveApe translate rude phrases into polite responses?
Does EffectiveApe understand 'gibberish' and convert it to coherent English?
Can EffectiveApe help me draft a new email from scratch?
Can EffectiveApe help reduce the time I spend on emails?


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