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Create video content with lifelike influencers.
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Effluence is an AI tool that allows businesses to create personalized video content using lifelike AI-generated influencers. With its patented custom street-language module and next-generation ChatGPT4 technology, Effluence2.0 helps bridge the gap between influencers and brands in a cost-effective way.

Effluence2.0's hyper-realistic graphics pipeline ensures that the AI-generated video content is indistinguishable from a real influencer video.Effluence offers businesses different subscription models depending on their needs, with options including a basic beta subscription that allows customers to make one message with one Effluencer and location, an intermediate subscription that allows customers to make five messages across two Effluencers and locations, and a full-service subscription that includes unlimited messages across all Effluencers and locations.Testimonials from satisfied customers attest to the effectiveness of Effluence's personalized video content in improving customer engagement and brand perception.

Effluence was developed by Ai Peng, a data-driven marketing scientist and founder of Singapore's Institute of DataFluent Communication, and is backed by a team of experts in machine learning, data science, and marketing.

Effluence was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized video content
Custom street-language module
Next-generation ChatGPT4 technology
Hyper-realistic graphics pipeline
Diverse subscription models
Cost-effective influencer marketing
Improved customer engagement
Enhanced brand perception
Available in beta version
Options for location selection
Multiple Effluencers to choose
Unlimited messaging in full-service
Feedback from satisfied customers
Founded by expert data scientist
Team of ML and data experts
Improved marketing strategies
Scalability in brand promotion
Increased click-through rates
Increased weekly ROI
Increased open rates


Limited number of messages
Limited Effluencer choices
Limited locations for videos
Restricted to subscription model
No single use option
No free version
Unclear language translation module
Limited branding customization


What is Effluence?
How does Effluence create personalized video content?
What is ChatGPT4 technology?
What are the different subscription models offered by Effluence?
How does Effluence's custom street-language module work?
How is Effluence beneficial for brands and influencers?
How realistic is an AI-generated video by Effluence compared to a real influencer video?
What is the basic beta subscription of Effluence?
Who developed Effluence?
What is the influence of Effluence's personalized video content on customer engagement and brand perception?
What is Effluence2.0?
Who can benefit from using Effluence?
Can Effluence create a video in multiple locations?
How does Effluence help improve the marketing strategies of businesses?
Can I choose more than two Effluencers in Effluence's intermediate subscription?
How does Effluence2.0 compare to the previous version?
What's included in Effluence's full-service subscription?
Who are some of the top 'Effluencers'?
What companies have successfully used Effluence for their marketing campaigns?
Is there a free trial available for Effluence subscriptions?


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