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Quickly compose emails in any language.
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Effortless Email is an AI-powered email creation tool that allows users to quickly turn bullet points written in one language into a full email in another language.

It is powered by Cookiebot, and uses cookies to collect and store user data to personalize website content and ads as well as analyze website traffic.

The tool also uses Stripe for making credit card transactions on the website, and Firebase for validating user requests and maintaining session information.

It also uses Google Analytics for collecting data on the number of times a user has visited the website and the dates for the first and most recent visits.

The tool also allows users to customize their consent selections and control what kind of data is collected and shared. With Effortless Email, users can save up to 60% of the time they would have spent writing emails and can write emails in any language.

The tool also allows users to focus on the content of the emails and leave the courtesies of email writing to the AI. It is available as a free or paid subscription with the free plan allowing up to 50 emails a month.


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Jun 1, 2023
Flagged as Phishing Site by BitDefender AntiVirus.

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Pros and Cons


Quickly compose emails
Translations in any language
Bullet-point to full email
Personalized web content
Traffic analysis
Secure credit card transactions
Session information maintenance
Customize data consent
Save 60% writing time
Focus on email content
Free version available
Up to 50 free emails/month
Working with Stripe
Working with Firebase
Data collection by Google Analytics
Visitor behavior data analysis
Cookies for personalized experience
User consent customization
Cookie powered personalization
Supports multiple languages
Validates user requests
Analyses website traffic
Personalized ads generation
Generate emails from bullet-points
Collects user data


Requires cookie consent
Data privacy concerns
Limited free emails
Possible translation inaccuracies
Potential Stripe payment issues
Dependent on Google Analytics
No preference customizations
Utilizes Firebase authentication
Cannot function without cookies
No social media integrations


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