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A video editing suite for gaming streamers.
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Eklipse is an AI gaming highlights clipper that offers a comprehensive suite of tools for streamers to edit and share their best gaming moments. It offers automated highlights from streams with a library of supported games that can be shared to social media.

Unlimited clip downloads, multiple free TikTok layouts, and 24/7 support are available for free. With Premium, users can access up to 10 hour streams/VODs to process, 1080p high-quality HD output, 5x faster stream processing, and watermark-free highlight clips.

Eklipse also offers professionally edited highlight clips, customizable TikTok templates, and copyright-free background music. All of these features can be accessed through the Eklipse website, app, or mobile browser.


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Jun 27, 2023
Their attention to design and functionality is unparalleled, and I have been thoroughly impressed with the performance and reliability of their offerings.

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Eklipse was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Gaming focused video editing
Automated highlights
Gameplay clip generation
Supports multiple games
Share to social media
Unlimited clip downloads
Free TikTok layouts
24/7 support
Premium option
10 hour stream process
1080p high-quality output
Fast stream processing
Watermark-free highlighs
Professional editing services
Customizable TikTok templates
Copyright-free background music
Accessible on web and mobile
Convert Twitch to TikTok
Reels & YouTube Shorts conversion
Montage creation
Copyright-free background music
Can capture Call of Duty moments
Clip Apex Legends streams
Convert Valorant clutches
Download clips in .MP4 format
Free clip trimming feature
Premium seasonal templates
Vertical Video converter
High quality video edits
Customizable TikTok templates
Huge collection of overlay templates
Browser-based; no software download
Stream/VOD’s clipping for Twitch
Professional video edits for social media
One-click clip downloading
TikTok clip personalization
Download in .MP4 format


Limited to supported games
10 hour maximum for streams/VODs
Only 3 streams per day processable
Premium required for HD output
Possible watermarks on non-Premium clips
Lacks desktop version
Specifically designed for gaming streamers
No software download available
Focus on TikTok formatting


What games are supported by Eklipse?
How does Eklipse select game highlights automatically?
What does the free version of Eklipse offer?
What additional features are included in Eklipse Premium?
How do I create and customize TikTok videos using Eklipse?
Does Eklipse offer professionally edited highlight clips?
What types of templates does Eklipse offer?
Can I add background music to my clips using Eklipse?
Can I access Eklipse through a mobile browser?
How do I share my clips to social media using Eklipse?
What formats can I download my clips in from Eklipse?
Does Eklipse support editing for YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels?
What kind of support channels does Eklipse offer?
What's different about Eklipse's stream processing?
How can I remove watermarks from my clips?
What is the maximum stream duration that Eklipse can process?
How does Eklipse's AI auto-clipping work?
What are the editing options Eklipse offers for TikTok?
Does Eklipse offer any copyright-free music options?
Is there a desktop version of Eklipse available?

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