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Avatar image generation.
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ELBO Art’s Character Creator is a free artificial intelligence (AI) tool that allows users to generate images of avatars. It is easy to use, requiring only that users type in what they want to create.

The Character Creator can also be used to create anything from portraits to caricatures, with a few clicks of a button. With ELBO Art, users can express themselves in a way that is unique and creative.

The Character Creator is also a great way to reimagine oneself and have some silly fun. Furthermore, ELBO Art provides a “How-To” section to help users get the most out of the Character Creator.

With ELBO Art, users can be creative and explore the possibilities of AI with ease.


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Pros and Cons


Free to use
Generate avatar images
Easy user interface
Versatile creator tool
Simple text input
Create portraits to caricatures
Express individual creativity
Possibility for reimagining self
Provides help section
Free signup
Capable of playing around
Inclusive of all facets
User-friendly navigation
Accessible tutorials
Character customization
Supports digital reimagination
No prior art skills required
Offers creative autonomy
Possible amusement use
Appropriable for multiple usage
Invites exploration of individuality
Generates images quickly
Doesn't require download/install
Operable on various devices
Optimized for silly fun
Encourages creativity
Allows immediate avatar creation
Direct-to-use without login
Attractive interface
Streamlined design for ease
Unlimited creations
Light and fast tool
Doesn't require space on device
Offers simple avatar creation
Save created images
Recreate as many times
High degree of personalization
Fun and engaging
Allows artistic experimentation
Beginner friendly
Variety in avatar types


No API mentioned
No app version available
Limited to avatars only
No collaborative features
No customization options specified
Assumed limited style options
No 3D avatar support
Login/Signup mandatory for use
No offline mode
Likely limited export formats


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What is the 'Silly Times App' found on ELBO's website?
Are there any restrictions to what I can create with ELBO Art's Character Creator?

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