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Electe is a data analytics platform dedicated to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It is designed to harness the power of data and convert it into valuable insights.

The platform allows users to gain deeper understanding of their businesses and their competition, leading to informed decisions and competitive advantages.

Electe works by conducting advanced analytics and using machine learning to analyze, classify, and interpret data.Its interface is intuitive, enabling users without a deep technical expertise to derive significant insights from the data.

The platform also provides features such as data visualization with customizable dashboards and intuitive charts, facilitating accessible insights and better information retention.Electe's Generative AI feature analyzes the status of customer orders to automatically generate custom notes.

The platform also offers a Competitor Analysis feature where it monitors and compares the performance of competitors to identify growth opportunities.

For decision-making support, it provides automated insights to help users understand trends, predict outcomes, and make informed decisions.Another standout feature is the 'Document Q&A', which allows users to interact with their documents efficiently, instead of having to search manually.

In addition, Electe can transform analyses into presentations in one click. These presentations can be received in daily reports via email or viewed directly on mobile devices.

Electe offers different plans to suit various business needs and sizes, starting with a 'Starter' plan for smaller companies expanding to a 'Pro' plan for advanced users that includes additional features and priority support.


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Electe was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 29th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Dedicated to SMEs
Advanced analytics
User-friendly interface
Customizable data visualizations
Competitor Analysis feature
Automated decision-making insights
Document Q&A for efficient interaction
One-click analyses into presentations
Presentations via daily email reports
Mobile access to reports
Different plans for various needs
Starter plan for small companies
Pro plan with additional features
Priority support for Pro plan
Integration with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
Interactive with existing services
Automated report generation
Collaborative platform
Customizable dashboard
Flexible pricing
Intuitive charts
Supporting groups and roles in Pro plan
Predictive analytics in Pro plan
Advanced data analysis in Enterprise plan
Competitor analysis in Enterprise plan
Tailored plans for large organizations
Secure data storage and processing
Uses machine learning
Data extraction and classification
Custom note generation based on order status
Inbuilt sentiment analysis
Work in progress mobile application
Predefined integration with popular tools
Upgrade or downgrade plan anytime
Advanced data protection measures
Transparency on data privacy and security
Artificial intelligence for data utility
Structure-agnostic data analytics
Supports both structured and unstructured data
Understands, analyzes, classifies data
Insights based on specific data context
Support for custom integrations


No free trial period
Only available in English
No API for integrations
No direct database connection
No automatic data updates
Limited user number on plans
Mobile app still in development
No on-premise solution
Limited data storage
Most features are in Pro and Enterprise plans


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