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Ellie, your AI for crafting personalized email replies.
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Ellie is an AI email assistant designed to replicate a user's writing style for email responses. By analysing past sent emails provided by the user, Ellie learns to formulate replies that mimic the user's language, tone, and style.

This adaptive AI tool offers a unique feature where it understands the context of an email thread and crafts responses accordingly, providing personalized and intelligent responses.

Ellie is not only adept at context switching but is also multilingual, capable of responding in any language to match the incoming email. Furthermore, Ellie can be taught specific information, making the tool adaptable to your unique needs.Ellie integrates directly into your inbox by functioning as a browser extension, facilitating an easy workflow.

The extension is compatible with both Chrome and Firefox. Currently, it fully supports Gmail and Fastmail, and partial support is provided for other web-based email clients through its toolbar popup feature.

Furthermore, Ellie respects the privacy of your data. While your email data is used to create responses, it is not stored, shared, or misused in any way.Notably, Ellie is powered by OpenAI, highlighting its technological robustness.

The creators of Ellie aim to help users reclaim time lost to managing emails by automating responses and combat imbalances inherent in contemporary email practices.


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Pros and Cons


Writes emails faster
Learns your writing style
Generates context-filled replies
Supports multiple languages
Chrome and Firefox extension
Compatible with Gmail
Built by independent developers
Doesn't store or share data
Allows for reply revisions
Can include extra context
Helps with reply anxiety
Useful for dyslexia assistance
Helps with language skills
Helps with grammar skills
Supports a number of replies
Ability to revise emails
Generates intelligent replies
5-star rating
Used by over 11K users
Rapid email turnaround
Overcome writing anxieties
Supports other email clients
Helps in composing formal emails
Strategic use against spam
Maintains privacy protection
Facilitates multilingual communication
User friendly application
Improved writing and productivity
Can revise each email up to five times
Secure data handling
Helpful for multilingual email needs
Assists with formal email composition
Automates email drafting process
Doesn't compromise user data
Can match email language style
Added context for better replies
Reduces time spent on emails
Easy customisation of responses


Supports only Gmail
Limited revisions
Only available on Chrome and Firefox
Limit on number of replies
Premium features costly
No support for other email clients
Created by small developer team
Limited multi-language support
No offline version

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