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Streamlined calling with automated dialing and handling.
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Elto is an AI-powered tool designed to optimize cold calling processes and enhance sales funnel efficiency. With Elto's parallel dialing feature, users can simultaneously dial multiple numbers, ensuring a higher volume of calls.

The tool intelligently routes answered calls to available Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), decreasing response time to milliseconds.One of Elto's unique capabilities is its ability to detect voicemail and pickups automatically, eliminating the need to waste time on unanswered calls.

By dialing six or more numbers at once, Elto quickly identifies and hangs up on numbers that are not engaged, allowing users to focus on engaged prospects on the phone.Seamless integration with existing CRM systems and SEP (Sales Engagement Platforms) is another advantage of Elto.

It does not require manual migration of phone numbers or redundant information, as it easily synchronizes with the user's current sales stack. This integration allows users to prioritize calling and selling without disruption.Elto distinguishes itself from other parallel dialers by utilizing proprietary models that optimize the detection of pickups and voicemails.

As a result, Elto's routing speed is up to 30% faster than competing solutions, ensuring prospects are not left with an empty line.Elto offers various plans and pricing options to suit different user needs.

The Starter plan allows users to dial up to three numbers at once and integrate with one CRM/SEP. The Regular plan, aimed at scaling call teams, provides features such as dialing up to six numbers simultaneously, international dialing, and integration with unlimited CRMs/SEPs.

The Advanced plan caters to teams requiring custom support, enhanced analytics, and reporting capabilities, with discounts available for larger teams.


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Elto was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated dialing
Automated call handling
Parallel dialing feature
Intelligently routes calls
Detects voicemail automatically
Detects pickups automatically
Seamless CRM integration
Seamless SEP integration
No manual migration needed
Higher call volume
Routing speed 30% faster
Multiple pricing plans
Scaling call team features
Enhanced analytics
Custom support options
Discounts for larger teams
Dials multiple numbers simultaneously
Integrates with unlimited CRMs/SEPs
Optimized detection models
Custom analytics feature
International dialing
Live listening feature
Call transcriptions
Dedicated account manager
Dials up to six numbers
Dials three numbers at once
Voicemail detection minimizes time
Pickup detection minimizes time


No mobile app
No small team pricing
No single user option
No local dialing
Limited dialing in Starter Plan
No VoIP service integration
No SMS feature
No predictive dialing
No toll-free numbers
No A/B testing features


What is Elto?
How does Elto's parallel dialing feature work?
What does it mean that Elto can detect voicemail and pickups automatically?
Does Elto integrate with existing CRM systems?
How does Elto optimize the detection of pickups and voicemails?
How fast is Elto's routing speed compared to other solutions?
What are the different Elto plans and their pricing options?
What features are included in the Starter plan of Elto?
What features are included in the Regular plan of Elto?
What additional benefits do I get with the Advanced plan of Elto?
How many numbers can I dial at once using Elto?
What CRM/SEP platforms is Elto compatible with?
How does Elto enhance sales funnel efficiency?
Is there a limit to the number of CRMs/SEPs I can integrate with on the Regular and Advanced plans?
Is international dialing available on all plans in Elto?
How does Elto help decrease the response time?
Does Elto offer discounts for larger teams?
Will Elto leave prospects with an empty line?
How can I get custom support in Elto?
Does Elto provide any analytics and reporting capabilities?


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